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Google Play Gift Card 15 EUR EUROPE

If you want to get the most out of your mobile device, take a look at all Google Play has to offer. Buy Google Play Gift Card 15 EUR and get yourself a new book to read while traveling. Or rent out a movie for a fun night with friends. Or even get yourself the newest game from your favourite developer.

Game and even more games!

As Google Play is primarily an Android app store, it should surprise no one that Google gift cards are a great tool to enhance your gaming experience. You can buy a few new games and delve into adventures at your leisure. Or maybe you enjoy free games on the market and would like to spend your funds on the additional services in those apps. Once you buy Google Play Gift Card 15 EUR, the choice is all yours!

Subscriptions and more

Your gift card can be used to purchase the subscription for the music service on Google Play. It allows you to save up to 50 000 songs on your playlist, as well listen to them offline (in case internet connection just dies on you). There is also streaming and radio, all to make your musical enjoyment all the better! But next to the songs, you can also buy or rent movies, picking from a long list of available content. And let’s not forget the books you can get if you buy Google Play Gift Card 15 EUR; all with different styles and length, there is surely something for everyone!

The best gift

One of the most important aspects of the gift card is that you can give it to someone else. It can become one of the best possible presents since the person can pick something they truly want. From the games to educational apps to movies and books – anything you might want, you can get it to be with you on the go, saved in your mobile device. Not only is it secure, it’s also convenient! If you decide to buy Google Play Gift Card 15 EUR and spend it, and should you choose to switch devices at later date, you will still have access to the services you use, as the wallet and the purchases are tied to your account, not a concrete mobile device.

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January 1, 2010


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