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Apex Legends 2150 Apex Coins (PS4) (UK)

We all know and love Apex – how great it feels to stomp on the enemy and leave them in the dust. Or maybe you like playing the supporting role and leading your team to victory. But whatever your playstyle might be, if you buy 2150 Apex Coins, it will surely enhance your experience. Don’t believe us? Let us explain!

It’s open season

We will probably surprise no one by stating that Battle Passes are a worthy investment when it comes to Apex. Not only do you have access to a great fun of team-based shooter, you may also enjoy the benefits of being in the premium lane. A lot of goodies and gifts will be making their way straight to your pocket – anything from skins to crafting materials, all for simply climbing the level ladder.

These rewards are considered to be unique since they are tied to the ongoing season. Buy 2150 Apex Coins now and grab your Battle Pass now because once it’s over, no one knows if the rewards will return in some form or another. Consider this a sound investment in the future!

Grab all you can

Another way to get the most out of your coins is to buy the Apex packs. These loot boxes provide rewards otherwise not available in the store. Sure, it’s all random, as that’s how the system works in any game, however, Apex presents additional boosts to the player base. Every so often, the boxes will give out guaranteed legendary item – that’s better than most get!

Additionally, should you buy 2150 Apex Coins and put them towards the packs, there’s a chance you will get an ultra-exclusive heirloom item. They are meant only for Wraith at the moment, but who knows where the future might take the game? Perhaps your favourite hero is next in line to get that exclusive gear… and now would be the perfect time to stock up on those coins!

Look good doing anything

Want to flaunt your look after getting a killstreak? Maybe you prefer to dance on the graves of your enemies and that requires a certain outfit for that finishing touch? Buy 2150 Apex Coins and you can do all of that! Run around vivid colours and annoy the opponents, or just give your character that fresh unique look. These coins will cover it all.


15 februari 2018


Respawn Entertainment


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