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League of Legends €20 Gift Card Key – 2800 Riot Points EU WEST Server Only

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League of Legends €20 Gift Card Key – 2800 Riot Points

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA genre games in the world. It’s a free-to-play title, however, the game has microtransactions inside. While you cannot buy any power items on the LoL Store, there are plenty of cosmetic-oriented purchases and other commodity items by the use of which you can significantly improve your gameplay. Buy League of Legends prepaid gift card 20 EU and explore the possibilities!


Champions Appearance


The game is built upon 5v5 format. Two teams partake in deadly face-offs until one walks out victorious. Players are controlling in-game characters known as Champions, these characters possess incredible abilities, skills, and attributes. Each of the controllable characters has multiple appearance variants. These are known as skins, and you can buy these skins using RP. So, buy League of Legends prepaid gift card 20 EU and personalize your champion to your heart’s extents!


Convenience Purchases


While Skins for champions are certainly amongst the most popular in-game store purchases, League of Legends offers tons of other purchases dedicated to taking your convenience levels to a whole another dimension. Buy server and name switch tool, rune pages, level boosts, various bundles, mystery chests & keys, champions, and many other great items to enhance your play right from the first moment.


To activate League of Legends prepaid gift card 20 EU:


  • • Head to your League of Legends account
  • • Go to the in-game Store
  • • Click on Purchase RP
  • • Select the Prepaid RP Card
  • • Enter and submit the card’s key code
  • • Start your shopping spree!


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January 2, 2016


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Riot Games