Riders Republic (PC) Ubisoft Connect Key ROW

Riders Republic (PC) Ubisoft Connect Key ROW

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    Descripción del producto

    Riders Republic Uplay key

    Roam the huge vibrant open world with other thrill-seekers in this exciting massive multiplayer experience! Riders Republic, the grand project of the world-famous Ubisoft, invites active players to reveal their wild side in a wide range of outdoor sports, from biking to wingsuit flying. Here you shred the snow, mud and dirt in real time as you dominate the map in team vs team competitions or prove your skills in special Events or PvP modes. No matter what sport competition you choose to participate in, the ultimate goal is clear - to cross the finish line first, no matter the cost. Buy Riders Republic Uplay key and get your blood pumping!

    Riders Republic gameplay features

    Your biggest wins and losses will be witnessed by more than 50 players, so make sure to put on a show. With the Riders Republic key, you’ll not only meet lots of like minded people but enjoy these gameplay features as well:

    • Massive social playground. From snowy mountains to arid canyons, you’ll always find yourself surrounded by other thrill-seekers - drop into various social hubs to say hi;
    • A variety of activities. Push yourself to the limit as you bike, snowboard, skii or fly with a wingsuit across the expansive map;
    • Various multiplayer modes. A full-fledge multiplayer experience awaits: competitive races and trick challenges (PvP/Co-op/Solo), Mass Starts (50+ player races), Multiplayer arenas (6x6 PvP matchups), and Online Cups;
    • Make it to the top. Define every aspect of your avatar with progression-based gear and various goodies you can get from legendary sponsors - it’s time to make a name for yourself;
    • • Cheap Riders Republic price.

    Unleash your wild side

    With the Riders Republic Uplay key, you can expect nothing less than a perfect next-gen experience. Even better, the game welcomes both casual and hardcore players, so you can dive straight into the action without worrying too much about the various mechanics. When it comes to the world itself, you get to compete with others in a breathtaking mashup of some of the most magnificent destinations on Earth: Bryce Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Sequoia Park, Zion, Canyonlands, Mammoth Mountain and Grand Teton. It’s your time to shine!

    Detalles del pedido

    • Idiomas
      • Alemán
      • Francés
      • Inglés
    • Fecha de lanzamiento
      28 de octubre de 2021
    • Editor
    • Desarrolladores
      Ubisoft Annecy