League of Legends €5 Gift Card Key – 650 Riot Points EU WEST Server Only

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Noticia importante: For EUROPE WEST servers only! Does not work as a payment method for Valorant.

League of Legends €5 Gift Card - 650 Riot Points

League of Legends is one of the broadest and vastest MOBA games on the market. It’s one of the major titles in eSports, and it carries a worldwide player base of tens of millions. While in essence, the title is free to play, the game includes microtransactions for cosmetic items and other gameplay convenience improvements. These transactions can be done with in-game currency, RP. You can purchase this currency directly on the in-game store, or via League of Legends prepaid Gift Card, 5 EU will provide you with 650 RP.

Cosmetics for Champions

The game offers a Battle Arena type of play where two teams of five players assume control of champions, the in-game characters who possess extraordinary powers and abilities, to fight in a merciless battle until one team’s home base falls to crumbles. RP allows you to personalize your champion with the help of Skins. Skins are special outfits that change your selected champion’s appearance, skill effects, particles, animations, and other visual traits.

Other Commodities

Buy League of Legends prepaid Gift Card 5 EU and boost your, or your friend’s in-game account with 650 RP. While Skins are amongst the most popular purchases, LoL in-game store offers tons of other gameplay commodities too. Server switch and name change tools, additional rune pages, mystery chests and keys, and various other items, including Champions, are yours to acquire if you please to do so.

The League of Legends prepaid gift card activation process could not get simpler:

  • • Simply launch your League of Legends account
  • • Go to the in-game Store
  • • Click the Purchase RP button
  • • Select Prepaid RP Card option
  • • Enter and submit the card’s key code
  • • Voila! Enjoy your RP!

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January 2, 2016


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