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  • No expiration date. Redeemable for POLAND Nintendo accounts (only zł currency).

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Nintendo eShop Card 250 PLN

Still looking for the best way to increase your Nintendo eShop account’s funds with ease? It’s safe to say that Nintendo eShop Card 250 PLN is one of the easiest, safest, and most profitable of ways to achieve your gaming goals! Acquire it, visit the Nintendo Store, and choose your pick.

It shouldn’t even be a question on whether it’s worth it or not, because, with each Nintendo eShop Card purchase, you get more than your money’s worth. Just check the Card key’s value and compare it to the price you pay, the difference is quite uncanny, isn’t it?

And that’s not even all. Activate this Nintendo eShop Card 250 PLN, instantly receive the said amount, and have your funds available the moment you want them. It’s safe, easy, and secure – with no additional Credit Card involvement needed. Also, these Card keys come with no expiry date!

If your intention was never to buy it for yourself, it’s even better! Use the Nintendo eShop Card as a perfect surprise. Gift it to those that have a keen love for games, one thing is certain – a proud Nintendo fan will for sure appreciate the gesture. After all, appreciation and gratitude are the best rewards!

This Nintendo eShop Card 250 PLN can be used by any gamer that owns Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo 3DS XL device, and if you’re a proud owner of these systems, or you know someone that is – don’t hesitate any longer. The offer on sight is quite a bang for your buck, truly.

In order to successfully redeem the received key Code:

  1. Search for the Nintendo eShop icon on the Home menu
  2. Select ‘Add Funds.’, or ‘Balance.’ option
  3. Select ‘Redeem a Nintendo eShop Card.’ feature
  4. Enter the 16-character activation code and press ‘OK.’ to complete the activation process

Fecha de lanzamiento:

March 3, 2017