Killing Floor 2 Steam Clave GLOBAL

Killing Floor 2 Steam Clave GLOBAL

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  • The Bravest of the Bunch!

    The Bravest of the Bunch!

    There’s always hope, and the character that you’ll control believes it more than anyone. The very bravest of civilians, soldiers, and mercenaries have joined forces, to wipe the surface clean off these atrocities. However, the challenge has proven to be much fiercer than any one could’ve expected!

  • Fight or Flight!

    Fight or Flight!

    Killing Floor game offers a unique experience for every participant. It’s a mixture of offense and defence mashed up in a single emotional cocktail that you must drink and spew at the same time! Your goal is to wipe the city zones from Zeds, but at the same time, there are legions of them rushing at you!

  • Means of End!

    Means of End!

    To fight the ever-spreading doom, you have a whole arsenal of firearms and melee weapons at your disposal. From Katanas, axes, and pulverisers to SMGs, revolvers, and grenade launchers. That’s just a tip of the iceberg, in total there’s over 65 weapons to choose from!

  • No Mercy, No Remorse!

    No Mercy, No Remorse!

    It’s honestly a bloody game, limbs are flying left and right, and blood is spilling like a fountain, the areas after an encounter are painted with red and at these moments, it’s a damn good thing that the video game industry doesn’t possess the technology to affect one’s sense of smell, let’s leave it at that.

  • Content and Contempt!

    Content and Contempt!

    The Killing Floor 2 game offers numerous expansions, and updates during the celebratory periods of the year. These are captivating, interactive, and best of all, Free for Everyone! Enjoy Halloween Horrors, Summer Sideshows, and numerous other ingenious updates for this thrilling shooter!