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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Steam Key GLOBAL

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Steam Key GLOBAL

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  • Scenery’s Advantages

    Scenery’s Advantages

    Water, swamp, plains, lush forests, and liveable household areas all are set for you to take advantage of. The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are no place for the weak, the lands are soaked with bodies, and many come to realize it too late. Only the very best few live to tell the tale.

  • A Game of Cat & Mouse

    A Game of Cat & Mouse

    Pubg allows you to become an ultimate predator, run from house to house, loot yourself up and hunt-down your unsuspecting pray. Use sneakiness and stealth tactics to lower distance and then strike! Or set in a comfy spot and wait for your pray to come right in your grasp! Options for strategy are endless!

  • Weapons Are not Toys!

    Weapons Are not Toys!

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers an array of weapons to choose from. From pistols to SCAR-L assault rifles, a vast variety of firearms are dropped and scattered all across the play field, and no matter where you land, you are destined to find something deadly to play with!

  • A Shared Environment

    A Shared Environment

    The lethal chaos is set to emerge in two distinct environments, the forested island of Erangel and the sunny desert of Miramar. Both areas contain small towns, dense cityscapes, rural industrial districts, and natural locomotive separating each. Different quality loot can be found in each area with high risk – high reward principle!

  • Force-field, and the Chaos it Brings.

    Force-field, and the Chaos it Brings.

    PUBG encourages constant player’s movement, you can camp in your preferred spot for a while, but once the force-field starts shrinking, better run. The circled area on the minimap is your safe-haven, everything outside gets occasional airstrikes. There are also numerous ways to use the force-field for your advantage, stay smart and vigilante!

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Created with sketchtool.