Goat Simulator 3 - Digital Downgrade Edition (Xbox Series X|S) Xbox Live Key ARGENTINA

Goat Simulator 3 - Digital Downgrade Edition (Xbox Series X|S) Xbox Live Key ARGENTINA

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    Descrizione del prodotto

    Goat Simulator 3 - Digital Downgrade Edition

    The Digital Downgrade Edition includes the base game and all remastered Goat Simulator DLCs since the dawn of the first game together with some new additions:

    • • Old school Pilgor skin;
    • • Goat Zero skin (GoatZ);
    • • Full Tank armour (MMO);
    • • Masks of Don Pastrami, Valentino Salami, Dolph Spaghetti & Humphrey Ciabatta (Payday);
    • • Space helmet & suit (Waste of Space);
    • • Digital Soundtrack;
    • • 3D Printing Files: Pilgor, Tony Shark, Goat Tower, and Trinket.

    From the creators of the fantastic, amazing action-packed extravaganza that was Goat Simulator comes the third (not really) chapter in the Goat Simulator series. As usual with sequels, Coffee Stain North AB has developed a game that is bigger, badder, and totally realistic! Just, maybe, don’t trust this game if you’re studying to be a vet. However, Goat Simulator Xbox Live key is complete and utter chaos. If you had to describe fun in three words what would they be? Here’s a hint – it involves goats, simulators, and a number 3.

    Simulator genre

    Want to be free to do whatever you want and engage in various activities? Goat Simulator 3 Xbox Live key might just be the game for you. As is appropriate for a game of the Simulator genre, it lets you create your own adventure. Determine not only the outcome of the gameplay but the whole story itself, from start to finish. The game keeps you hooked for quite some time – try it out and enjoy having full freedom and control in this life-like universe!

    Goat Simulator 3 game features

    Stop taking things so seriously and start goating around with these game features:

    • You can be a goat. That’s all. You can be a cool goat;
    • Your friends are goats too. No, this is not an insult. They can, really. Play with three friends in local and online co-op;
    • Jet packs. This is worth mentioning just because it sounds awesome;
    • Minigames. There are seven minigames to play with other goats, including football. EA should start worrying;
    • Goat boxes. Well, not really, but you can dress your goat with a bunch of different skins and cosmetic items;
    • • Cheap Goat Simulator 3 price.

    Totally realistic experience

    There are games that try to be totally realistic and blur the line between games and real life. And then there's Goat Simulator 3 which embraces what makes video games fun in the first place and turns up the dial up to infinity. The developers turned it up so high it became the third game instead of the second. That's probably a fact. Just like it's the most realistic simulator game in the known universe. Don’t believe it? Haven't seen a goat wearing a dress or a jet pack yet? Well, that just means it's time to buy Goat Simulator 3 Xbox Live key!

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      17 novembre 2022
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      Coffee Stain Studios
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