The Outer Worlds Epic Games Key GLOBAL
The Outer Worlds Epic Games Key GLOBAL

The Outer Worlds Epic Games Key GLOBAL

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The Outer Worlds key

Buy The Outer Worlds key and embark on an epic quest that spans all throughout the far and wide galaxy! Create and meld your character and become the unsolidified hero that the universe has been longing for a hefty while. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Private Division this single-player open-world RPG experience promises to shock, amaze, and entertain you for hours upon hours to come!


Your Own Story


The title won’t be the same for any two players, as most of what will happen to you while reaching your goal will be determined by your choices and actions. Buy The Outer Worlds key and create your own story! Your decisions will impact your character’s build, the narrative, the encounters you’ll face and even the end game scenarios you’ll get to witness. The journey ahead is going to be an entertaining one, so get your game face on!


Companions and Flaws


Numerous NPC companions will join you all throughout your venture. These men and women that you’ll meet all have their own goals, own expectations, and own motivations! Buy The Outer Worlds key and use them to your best capability! Your own character is by no means perfect. Only by having flaws can you develop a 3D personality, and the game will offer you plenty of opportunities to become flawed.


Storyline and Environments


Your story begins in a colonist ship heading to a thriving colony known as the Halcyon. You’ll soon discover that a major conspiracy scheme is about to unfold and threaten the colony’s well-being! Acquire a ship, gather a crew and embark on one of the most magnificent adventures in your life! Explore and discover numerous settlements, space stations, and tons of other environments scattered all throughout the Halcyon!


Begin your space quest and discover The Outer Worlds, starting today!

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  • Single-playerSingle-player
  • First-personFirst-person




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  • Japanese
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  • Portuguese - Brazil
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  • Spanish

Data rilascio:

October 25, 2019


Obsidian Entertainment


Private Division

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