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DOOM Eternal (Standard Edition) (Xbox one) Xbox Live Key EUROPE

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    DOOM Eternal (Standard Edition) (Xbox one) key

    The iconic DOOM series is back with a bang! Serving as a direct sequel to the previous DOOM game released by Bethesda, DOOM Eternal once again pits the player against the demon horde. Buy DOOM Eternal key and become the legendary DOOM Slayer once more!

    The despicable forces of Hell turned Earth into a new battlefield, killing countless people, and now they set their sights on the Slayer. Arm yourself with new arsenal, gather your courage and delve right into the fray. Show off your skill and get rid of the demons with quick hand and even faster reaction. Stakes are high, and all rest on the shoulder of the DOOM Slayer.

    Attack, attack, attack!

    There is no time nor use to be defensive! By continuing the established push-forward combat mechanic, DOOM Eternal encourages players to leap into danger in order to achieve ultimate victory. Buy DOOM Eternal key and show the demons - old and new - who truly stands on top. The Slayer's courage and boldness undoubtedly push him to the frontlines of desperate war, but with no danger, there's no reward. The push-forward system celebrates fearless tactics and rewards the player for the ingenuity.

    More fun with friends

    DOOM Eternal introduces a new mode called Invasion. The mode's appeal is the fact that players can join another person's solo plays, but - and here's a twist - they take control of the demon, hunting and hindering the DOOM slayer. Buy DOOM Eternal key and overcome the rising tension, as any time you can run into an equally motivated adversary. The option to be invaded can, of course, be turned off, if the player prefers to concentrate on the demise of demons at large. Besides this new addition, the usual multiplayer modes will also make an appearance, so not all player interaction would have to end in doom and gloom.

    Pre-order And Prepare

    Ultimately, if you love the DOOM franchise, both classical and the reboot, this game is a must-have! id Software, the developer behind Quake and Rage, has deep roots in the FPS genre and DOOM Eternal combines their accomplishments and passion. So, buy DOOM Eternal key, pick up a shotgun, a cannon or maybe even an energy sword, and save Earth once more. The game’s pre-order only makes sure that, when the demons will strike, you’ll be in the best shape to fight.  

    Other details

    • Release date
      20 March 2020
    • Publisher
      Bethesda Softworks
    • Developers
      id Software
    Caps Store Games
    99.79% of 5k+ ratings are excellent!99.79% of 5k+

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