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It Takes Two Origin Key GLOBAL

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    Auto-translatedJ'ai commencé à jouer à ça aujourd'hui avec mon fils, nous ne pouvions pas nous arrêter et avons joué pendant 3,5 heures d'affilée. Et puis après,
    Meilleur jeu de la décennie, magnifique, scénarisé comme un film, beau en graphisme, un bonheur à jouer à deux. Les acteurs sont très bons, les plans sublimes,

Product description

It Takes Two Origin Key

There’s a reason why they say that it takes two to tango! Dive into the newest action-adventure from Hazelight Studios and Electronic Arts - It Takes Two! Brimming with various elements of the platformer genre, this hilariously chaotic title is the perfect choice for those seeking challenging gameplay for two. Designed specifically for split-screen co-op which can be done locally or online, the game transports two players into the tumultuous lives of Cody and May who get magically turned into a pair of dolls. Although this estranged couple has their fair share of fights and disagreements, they have to put their differences aside and learn to work together if they want to return to the real world. Buy It Takes Two Origin key, grab a friend and help the characters finally get along in this wacky & light-hearted adventure!

What are It Takes Two gameplay features?

The heartfelt narrative and wacky gameplay of It Takes Two Origin key create a unique experience with a great message about relationships and all the hardships they entail. The game also features various mechanics that will elevate your experience to the next level:

  • Pure co-op. This game is specifically designed for two players, meaning that every challenge needs you to collaborate with another player if you want to succeed - there’s bound to be lots of hilarious chaos;
  • Unrestricted fun. While Cody and May have unique character abilities, they also gain connected ones with every new level - you never know what to expect next;
  • All about relationships. Every relationship has its ups and downs - you’ll have to work past all of the problems if you want to get back into the real world;
  • • Cheap It Takes Two price.

You’ll just have to get along

It Takes Two key explores the relationship between Cody and May - they were happily married for some time but the feelings quickly turned sour and now they’re estranged. But one day, due to a magic spell, the couple wakes up as dolls! They are quickly informed by a strange magical book, named Dr. Hakim aka the Book of Love, that they are now a part of a magical kingdom. Thankfully, there is a way to escape it and return to the real world but there’s a catch - Cody and May will have to stop fighting and just work together. From towering fortresses, snow-peaked mountain tops to tricky swamp levels, explosions and wacky encounters, buy It Takes Two Origin key and dive into the adventure!

Configuration requise

Configuration système minimale

  • Configuration système
    64-bit Windows 8.1/10
  • Processeur
    FX 6100/Core i3-2100T
  • Mémoire
    8 GB RAM
  • Graphique
    R7 260X/GTX 660
  • DirectX
  • Réseau
    256 KBPS
  • Stockage
    50 GB

Configuration système recommandée

  • Configuration système
    64-bit Windows 8.1/10
  • Processeur
    Ryzen 3 1300X/Core i5 3570K
  • Mémoire
    16 GB RAM
  • Graphique
    R9 290X/GTX 980
  • DirectX
  • Réseau
    256 KBPS
  • Stockage
    50 GB

Autres détails

  • Langues
    • Allemand
    • Anglais
    • Espagnol, Castillan
    • Français
    • Italien
    • Polonais
    • Portugais
  • Date de sortie
    26 mars 2021
  • Éditeur
    Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Développeurs
  • Fonctionne sur

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