FIFA 2005 Xbox

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    FIFA 2005 Xbox CD

    Each video game is a unique experience regardless of its theme or genre, and FIFA 2005 CD is no exception! Developed by professionals from the established studio Electronic Arts Canada and brought to you by Electronic Arts Canada on 2004-10-12, the title comes with a set of engaging gameplay features to provide as authentic entertainment and as rewarding gaming experience as possible. Launch this physical product on Xbox where you can enjoy another virtual adventure, expand your horizons, and put your skills to the test! Buy FIFA 2005 Xbox CD at a cheap price and expand your collection with another title!

    Sports genre

    Successfully tackle every challenge thrown your way as you compete for the first place in a virtual representation of the sport you adore the most with FIFA 2005 Xbox CD! To assure a truly electrifying experience, this title features all the best aspects of the sports genre! Train your character, enter vast arenas where you’ll taste victory or defeat, and learn all the ins and outs of the sport. Not only will this game provide you with tons of fun & challenge, but it will also put your skills to the test! Are your hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, and strategic thinking good enough to achieve the title of number one?


    Immerse yourself into the fantastic world with FIFA 2005 CD! Here are some features that will enhance your gameplay experience:

    • • Sports - Players hone their skills, perform at competitions, and compete for the title of the best.
    • • Action - This title emphasizes overcoming physical challenges and tests player hand-eye coordination and reaction-time.
    • • Competitive - This title pits you against other evenly-matched opponents in fast-paced matches and challenges you to improve.
    • • Fast-paced - The gameplay emphasizes fast combat, over the top action, and tests the player’s reaction speed.
    • • Partial controller support - A keyboard or a mouse is needed for certain parts of the game.