PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (PT) PSN Key PORTUGAL

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (PT) PSN Key PORTUGAL

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PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (PT)

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (PT) is a subscription which you simply cannot pass by! If you’re one of the proud PlayStation console owners, this offer right here is your key to the complete and well-rounded gaming experience. What do we mean by complete? Free games every month, numerous discounts on a ton of games, and the ability to connect and play online – interested?

While PlayStation Network is a free-of-charge service, some of its features are locked behind a monthly subscription. And the locked features are actually those, that you want, and need for the utmost satisfaction-granting experience. First, the PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days offers 2 games entirely for free, coming to you on a monthly basis – that’s 24 freebies per year!

Second, if you’re into games, and you probably are, the PS Plus membership offers a humongous variety of members-exclusive discounts for an array of your favourite games! Check them out from the very first moment you join the club! And even if the game you desire is not on a discount, the offers are constantly changing – so really, it’s just a matter of time and patience!

With PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days you’ll also get to join millions of players in online matchmaking that will set you up with your skill players! No matter what multiplayer game you’ll choose, there will always be someone to join you! And as a cherry on the top, numerous beta tests are also awaiting for your expertise, that is if you so choose to join them!

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29 de noviembre de 2013


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