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League of Legends €10 Gift Card Key – 1380 Riot Points EU WEST Server Only

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Noticia importante: For EUROPE WEST servers only!

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League of Legends €10 Gift Card - 1380 Riot Points

League of Legends is a Massively Online Battle Arena type of game that has millions upon millions of players clashing it out in a team vs team manner. The fights are set on numerous in-game maps. Buy League of Legends 10 EU prepaid gift card to enhance your game’s experience to even further heights. While LoL is a free-to-play title, the game has microtransactions through which you can purchase cosmetics and other quality-of-play improvements.

Champions & Skins

League of Legends game has two in-game currencies, one can be earned by simply playing, the other (RP) can only be bought. In the game, players control Champions. These champions are characters with amazing skills, abilities, attributes, and lore. The LoL in-game store offers multiple cosmetic items for each champion, known as Skins. Skins range in price and rarity and skins cost RP. Buy League of Legends 10 EU prepaid card, receive a fixed amount of RP, and significantly boost up your gameplay’s experience!

Gameplay Commodities

Skins are far from the only item that the in-game store offers in exchange for RP. Multiple other gameplay commodities are also yours to acquire. These include tools like a name change, server switch, additional rune pages, champion roster, various bundle packs, mystery chests & keys and many more. Buy League of Legends Gift Card 10 EU gift card and enjoy LoL to its fullest capabilities. While you cannot buy power items, visual appeal, personalization, and exclusivity can often serve as a great boost as well.

To redeem the League of Legends Gift Card, follow these simple steps:

  • • Launch your League of Legends client
  • • Go to the Store
  • • Click on the Purchase RP button
  • • Select Prepaid Cards option
  • • Enter and Submit your key code.
  • • Enjoy your purchase!

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January 2, 2016


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