League of Legends $10 Gift Card Key – 1380 Riot Points - NA Server Only

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Noticia importante: For NA Server Only. Does not work as a payment method for Valorant.

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League of Legends $10 Gift Card – 1380 Riot Points

League of Legends is one of the best and most outstanding MOBA genre games in the world with tens of millions of players worldwide. The title is free to play but includes optional purchases through microtransactions. While you cannot buy any power items in-game, you can buy a whole ton of cosmetic and commodity items to boost your gameplay experience to a whole another level.

Champion Customization

There are two ways to acquire Riot Points – the virtual in-game currency bought for real money. One is to buy them directly from the in-game store, and the other is to buy League of Legends prepaid gift card, 10$ in this case. 10$ purchase will boost your account with 1380 and that’s plenty to customize your favourite Champion based on your preference. While cosmetic options are certainly amongst the most popular in-game purchases, you shouldn’t forget about the other items on the list.

Commodity and Convenience

Buy League of Legends 10 prepaid gift card even if you don’t need a skin. You might think of switching the server, or even your name – there are items for both occasions, along with many others. Treasury boxes & keys – these might reward you with significantly greater rewards, however, these purchases always come with a risk factor. Weigh in the odds and start your venture, the League of Legends store is a great place once you’re packed with RP!

Activate League of Legends prepaid gift card $10 with ease:

  • • Log in to your League of Legends account
  • • Click the in-game Store menu
  • • Click on Purchase RP button
  • • Pick the Prepaid RP Card option
  • • Enter and submit your card’s key code
  • • Enhance your experience with new goodies!

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September 7, 2015


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