Zombie Army 4: Dead War Epic Games Key GLOBAL

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Epic Games Key GLOBAL

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What is Zombie Army 4: Dead War?

Don’t get confused by the game’s title – when you buy Zombie Army 4: Dead War Epic Games key you’ll get to play a zombie-themed spin-off of none other than Sniper Elite series! That’s right! This game is developed and published by Rebellion – the same people behind the infamous third-person shooter games set during World War 2. Sniper Elite titles are known for their polish and engaging gameplay that it shares with Zombie Army 4: Dead War. If you’re in a mood for some casual but extremely fun zombie shooting – this is it!

Gameplay mechanics of Sniper Elite 4

Those who had the chance to play Sniper Elite 4 will feel right at home after they buy Zombie Army 4: Dead War Epic Games key. Launch the game and enjoy the top-notch third-person shooter gameplay of mainline Sniper Elite games with zombies added to the mix. The game doesn’t have an extremely elaborate story as the priority of Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the gameplay itself, however, the World War 2 theme is still prevalent – you’ll combat zombies in various war-torn villages and cities located in Italy.

Various ways to fight

While the mainline Sniper Elite games focus on long-range combat with sniper rifles (just as the name of the series implies), once you buy Zombie Army 4: Dead War Epic Games key you’ll also get to participate in satisfying and well-paced close-range combat! Pick up zombies with a variety of close-range shotguns, assault rifles, different types of grenades, mines and when nothing else works – blast them all with a portable minigun! Of course, if you want to you a sniper rifle – you have this option! Not only that – the epic slow-motion animations with exploding body parts make a return from Sniper Elite games!

Horde Mode

When you’re done with blasting zombies alone – have a friend to buy Zombie Army 4: Dead War Epic Games key and join you! Even though theirs is no PvP mode, you will still be able to compete with other players by comparing results. The game rewards you for accomplishing chain kills and combination moves not only with points but also by charging your character to perform cool looking melee takedowns. Invite your friends and experience some of these epic moments together!

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  • Clasificado 18+ Clasificado 18+
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February 4, 2020





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