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          Borderlands 2 (GOTY) (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES
          Borderlands 2 (GOTY) (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES
          United States
          Fallout 4 (GOTY) (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES
          Fallout 4 (GOTY) (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES
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          Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Deluxe Edition (PC) Ubisoft Connect Key UNITED STATES
          Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Deluxe Edition (PC) Ubisoft Connect Key UNITED STATES
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          Hitman: Absolution (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES
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          Mad Max (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES
          Mad Max (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES
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          Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key UNITED STATES
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          Fashion Police Squad (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES
          United States

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          FPS (or first-person shooters) and TPS (third-person shooters) are one of the most popular and significant genres in video game history. Originated from the shooter genre in the early 90s, shooters offer an experience of navigating through levels in a first or third-person perspective and fighting with enemies, usually in a form of a skirmish. Throughout the years, a lot of now cult-classic FPS and TPS games have been released, and a lot of different variations of these genre formulas have been made. Shooting aliens, nazis, demons, and so much more. We present the genre of FPS and TPS, together with the most important titles.

          Why are FPS and TPS games so popular?

          There are several factors that make FPS/TPS games so popular in the gaming community. First and third-person shooter games usually are rich in atmosphere, world design, and various mechanics. They have interesting characters, immersive worlds, and good storylines. The most important thing to do in an FPS or TPS game is shooting, so the mechanics of using your gun are usually well-defined, especially in modern games. Shooters fall under the category of action games, and they are well-suited for most fans of the action genre.

          FPS vs TPS shooters: what are their features?

          They are action games in which you control a protagonist, navigate through the levels, and kill enemies, but these genres are not the same. FPS games are played from a first-person camera perspective and they are usually more tactical. TPS games, on the other hand, are played from a third-person camera perspective, and they are usually more story and character-driven experiences. Every franchise of shooting games has its features, for example, one of the best shooters Half-Life 2 is known for its physics, while Bioshock is known for its world and atmosphere. Other well-known FPS titles, such as Doom are known for high-speed action, and the Far Cry series is popular for its rich, open worlds. Action shooters with a third-person perspective, have very similar features. One of the main aspects of them is the cover mechanic, introduced by the Gears of War series, which lets you hide behind a cover while shooting.

          What are the best FPS and TPS games?

          Today most shooters have merged with other genres, such as RPG or stealth, but these genres were in their prime 20 years ago, as a lot of classic titles were released, defining the genre. Take a look at the most significant series:

          Influential FPS series:

          • Wolfenstein. In 1992, the very first 3D first-person shooter was released, and it was Wolfenstein 3D by id Software. In these games, you control a protagonist and kill nazi scum. The series is active even today with titles such as Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus;
          • Doom. Another known series from id Software company was born in 1993, and similarly, like Wolfenstein, it was recently resurrected for a new generation of players. In Doom, you are fighting on Mars and killing hordes of demons. These series are known for high-speed action and brutality.
          • Half-Life. Since 1998, Half-Life has been known as one of those earliest “thinking man shooters”, because games of this series require the player not only to shoot but also to think because it is vital in order to overcome various obstacles. Created by Valve, the series is just another cult classic. Released in 2004, Half-Life 2 is known as one of the best video games ever made, as well as one of the most significant titles;
          • System Shock. First released in 1994, this is a classic series that now is considered a cult franchise. Created by Looking Glass Technologies, System Shock is another “thinking man’s game”, that combines first-person exploration with RPG and survival horror elements. These games are set in a space station, which is controlled by malicious AI that player has to successfully defeat and escape;
          • Deus Ex. As well as System Shock, Deus Ex combines RPG elements with first-person action, though this series also incorporates stealth mechanics. Created by Ion Storm and usually published by Eidos Interactive, the series is set in a dystopian, cyberpunk-themed future. Deus Ex tells a story about conspiracies, and the player controls a secret agent, who has to infiltrate into enemy territory to gain various intel. First released in 2000, these series are active even today, and newer installments such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution are often praised by fans and critics for their design;
          • Halo. An extremely significant series that found its place under the Microsoft banner and usually are released as Xbox exclusives. Created by Bungie, the Halo series started in 2001, and are known for their sci-fi world, large maps, and is one of the best multiplayer shooting games;
          • Counter-Strike. Originally made as a modification of Half-Life in 2000, Counter-Strike is known as the best multiplayer first-person shooter on the planet. It is one of the defining titles in the esports scene;
          • Bioshock. A spiritual successor to System Shock, the first Bioshock was made by Irrational Games and released in 2007, and it stole the hearts of many players around the globe with its world design and atmosphere. Bioshock is known for its dystopian settings and well-refined gameplay;
          • Dishonored. In 2012, the first Dishonored came as a surprise for many. Developed by Arkane Studios, this game combined the best elements of first-person action games, then added stealth mechanics, an interesting world, lore, upgradable skills, and other neat features; it is one of the more important franchises in the modern shooter genre today;
          • Destiny. Created by Bungie, the first Destiny redefined multiplayer gaming in 2014. The franchise is probably one of the most well-known “looter-shooters” on the market, offering amazing visuals and smooth gameplay. The sequel Destiny 2 was released in 2017.

          Influential TPS series:

          • Gears of War. Created in 2007 by Epic Games, these series defined the cover shooting mechanics. Like Halo, it is another Microsoft series, and most GoW games are Xbox exclusives;
          • Uncharted. The series was created in 2007 by the company Naughty Dog, and is known for high production quality and redefined elements of third-person shooters;
          • The Last of Us. Having first appeared in 2013, The Last of Us, created by the same developers as Uncharted, is another extremely important PlayStation franchise. TLOU is loved by many for its well-written characters and engaging story, which are comparable to the highest quality HBO TV series;
          • The Division. Created in 2016 by Ubisoft, the series is one of the biggest looter-shooters on the market. The Division is known for well-made shooting, weather effects, and RPG elements;
          • Red Dead Redemption. Not many know this, but Red Dead is an old franchise created by Rockstar in 2004. The newest installment of the series, Red Dead Redemption 2, is one of the biggest third-person, story-driven action games on the market. It’s extremely well-written, has amazing, charming characters and beautiful graphics.

          How to choose the right FPS or TPS shooter for you?

          When choosing the right game for your taste, first, consider what kind of experience you really want:

          • If you like darker games and just want plain shooting, then choose Doom or Gears of War.
          • If you prefer something smarter and are not afraid of old games, then you can choose Half-Life 2, or a much newer title Prey.
          • If stealth mechanics are more of your cup of tea, then you can look at Dishonored or Deus Ex (especially if you want your FPS to have RPG elements).
          • If you want a big, expansive shooter, then you can choose from Halo, Destiny, The Division, or Uncharted franchises.
          • Also, you have probably heard of the Call of Duty series. If you are interested in games about warfare, you can always choose the newest Call of Duty game. There is a shooter for every fan of action games!

          Once you are set on what you want to experience, all you need to do is find the best deal on Eneba and get to gaming!

          History of FPS and TPS games

          The history of these kinds of games is long, but we present the most important events that are crucial for the genre:

          The rise of FPS :

          • In the 90s first-person shooting games started to emerge as 3D technology became more powerful. The id Software company became the originator of the genre, with titles such as Wolfenstein 3D (1992) and Doom (1993). Actually, Doom had such a big influence that the term Doom clone was often used to describe similar games. In 1998, another especially popular and significant game was released. It was Half-Life, which enhanced the narrative and puzzle elements of the genre. Next year, Counter-Strike was released, and to this day, it is probably the most popular online FPS game on the market.
          • In the 00s, Bungie released Halo (2001), which popularized the genre of FPS on home consoles. In the 21st century, this genre is the most commercially viable video game genre, and in 2016, shooters accounted for over 27% of all video game sales.

          The rise of TPS:

          • In the first half of the 00s, third-person shooters became more relevant. In 2001, Max Payne was released, which brought slow-motion mechanics to the genre. At the same time, the very first Mafia was released. The game offered a fresh, unique, and realistic story and a big, open city to explore. But the most important TPS series was also on the rise. You just can’t forget Grand Theft Auto and its significance in the open-world action genre. TPS evolved even more during the Xbox 360 generation, with the Gears of War title, which introduced cover mechanics.
          • In the second half of the 00s, Naughty Dog, the company which was responsible for such PS1 hits as Crash Bandicoot, suddenly became one of the leaders of the genre, with Uncharted and later The Last of Us series. Also, Ubisoft tried to redefine the online TPS genre with looter-shooter mechanics with The Division, but the biggest achievement for the genre belongs to Rockstar and their Red Dead Redemption 2, which redefined the genre completely.