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Dance Central Spotlight (Xbox One) Key

Developed by Harmonix Music Systems and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One Kinect, Dance Central Spotlight is a music rhythm game bursting with energy and uplifting mood. The main goal of this game is to follow the movements of the on-screen dancer as fast and precisely as possible, and later you are judged based on the accuracy of your performance. Buy Dance Central Spotlight (Xbox One) key to enjoy the energetic Fitness mode and already included ten songs, though the list can be expanded with DLCs. It’s time to dance!

What are Dance Central Spotlight game features?

This rhythmical title is all about having a good time moving your hips to the beat of famous pop songs. Dance Central Spotlight gameplay features are designed to challenge you or have an entertaining evening with friends!

  • No story mode. Unlike the previous games of this series, Dance Central Spotlight doesn’t have a story mode so you merely come to dance for the sake of having fun;
  • New progression system. The first time you play any song, you start off with a Beginner routine. With more practice and better performance you unlock more routines for each song;
  • Fitness mode. In this mode, you have to create a profile where you provide your choose your type of routine, and then you dance to burn calories and unlock more routines (you can choose Cardio or Strength to begin with);
  • • Cheaper Dance Central Spotlight price.

Dancing together is more fun!

The game can be played locally by two players, and they can dance to any song, Fitness mode including. When two of you are playing, make sure to have plenty of space since you are going to perform some fancy moves - the final result is determined by summing up the performance points by both players. Buy Dance Central Spotlight key, grab your Xbox One Kinect and you have a perfect set-up for any party - trust us, you are going to have a great time together trying to dance to the rhythm and failing in hilarious ways multiple times. Dance your sorrows away with upbeat songs!



  • Englisch


2. September 2014


Harmonix Music Systems


Microsoft Studios