Immortal Life (PC) Steam Key GLOBAL

Immortal Life (PC) Steam Key GLOBAL

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    Immortal Life (PC) Steam Key

    Does radiant gameplay sound like something you would enjoy immensely? What about a nice set of inventive features? That’s right, we also know that games like these are what makes gaming so sweet, and Immortal Life key on Steam is perfect proof of that! Developed by YiFang Studio and delivered on 2022-04-28 by the international bastion of gaming – 2P Games, the title exhibits high quality. From graphics to gameplay, everything is crafted with utmost attention to detail, sparing no effort from developers. Buy Immortal Life Steam key for a great price and dive into an extraordinary action experience without hesitation!

    Action genre

    Since Immortal Life Steam key falls into the category of action games, it’ll get your blood pumping right away. Every second of the game is presented with a multitude of possibilities and outcomes. There’s nothing quite as visceral as knowing that the story can change immediately because of a specific decision made by you. The game gives a feeling of immense power. This great amount of control is what motivates you to do your best and master the game, and that’s why this game is so enthralling.


    Innovative gameplay mechanics are crucial for any title that aims to entertain players for hours on end. Thankfully, Immortal Life key has plenty of those! Let’s take a look at some of them:

    • Anime graphics – Environments and characters are designed to look similar to Japanese cartoons;
    • Early access – The game is still in the development cycle – developers are improving the game with the help of community feedback;
    • RPG – You create a protagonist, participate in combat, improve your skills, and complete missions;
    • Simulator – You can do things that you can’t do in the real world via simulations;
    • Singleplayer – The game features a solo campaign with a story;
    • Third-person view – The camera is positioned behind the controllable character, revealing their appearance and the immediate area;
    • • Cheap Immortal Life price.



    • 64bit-Unterstützung
    • Systemanforderungen
      Windows 7(SP1)/8/10
    • Prozessor
      Intel Core i5 4590
    • Arbeitsspeicher
      8 GB RAM
    • Grafik
      Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti
    • Speicherplatz
      10 GB

    Andere Details

    • Sprachen:
      • Englisch
      • Japanisch
      • Simplified Chinese
    • Veröffentlichungsdatum:
      28. April 2022
    • Herausgeber
      2P Games
    • Entwickler
      YiFang Studio
    • Funktioniert auf