Nexon Karma Koin 50 USD Key NORTH AMERICA

Nexon Karma Koin 50 USD Key NORTH AMERICA

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Popis produktu

Nexon Karma Koin 50 USD

Buy Nexon Karma Koin 50 USD and experience the new way to pay for games! No longer will you have to dig for your credit card each time you want to play for something. Karma Koins were introduced as a replacement for Nexon Game Cards and has a variety of uses.

More funds

As with many game cards, Karma Koins serve as a boost to your online wallet. You buy a card at the designated price and can then redeem its worth in accordance with the set premium currency and the exchange rate. It’s clean, smooth and easy to use. Best of all, when you buy Nexon Karma Koin 50 USD (or more than one) you can combine two pins and get one giant addition to your funds, in case you want to spend it over few times and don’t want to bother looking for the second card when the time comes.

Another thing of note for the card is that, as is arbitrary usual, the price of the card itself is less than the amount of funds you’ll be getting, so it’s the true win for your actual wallet (the in-game funds will not suffer either, though). The ultimate win for any gamer.

Selection of games

Buy Nexon Karma Koin 50 USD and you have access to the premium markets of a selection of games. Because of the nature of Karma Koins, you are not tied down to only one game or even one publisher. There’s a whole list of games that accept Karma Koins as payment, thus increasing the in-game currency count for your favourite titles. However, you should keep in mind that once the pin is used for a particular game, those funds will not be transferred nor accepted in another one – meaning, you are committing your Karma Koin card to one game per code. So, buy Nexon Karma Koin 50 USD more than once and you have one-ticket pass to anything and everything that requires Karma Koins, but with minimal hassle.

How to activate the Karma Koin gift card?

To redeem a gift card, follow these steps:

  • • After buying the Karma Koin gift card, check your email where you’ll find a PIN;
  • • During the checkout process enter your PIN;
  • • Your Karma Koins are ready!

Další podrobnosti

  • Datum vydání
    1. září 2011
  • Vydavatel
  • Vývojáři
    NEXON Corporation