Senior PHP Developer

Lithuania, LT

Full time

From frameworks to libraries, to databases!

Quality is what we're all about here at Eneba, and it's common knowledge that one cannot create something sturdy without first setting up an excellent foundation. And that's where PHP Developers come into play, or more precisely, that's where YOU come into play. Our ever-growing tech team is looking for highly experienced and seasoned talents who are striving for excellence - one symbol at a time.

As Eneba's PHP Developer (Senior), you'll join a team of passionate, dedicated, involved and skilled professionals who know that there are no impossible tasks when it comes to coding an extraordinary product. In order to make the impossible possible, our back-end developers collectively discuss and come up with ideas that allow incorporating the newest technologies and most innovative solutions to execute critical infrastructure projects. In turn, this bring the highest possible quality in terms of both, professional growth and product success.

In order to keep the standards at the highest level, we are applying only the top-notch tools and technologies as well as constantly exploring the horizon for even more advanced ways to push ourselves forward. Honestly, the list of technologies that we apply is a long one, however, here are some that we're using on a daily basis: Jenkins, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Grafana, Symfony, Vue, Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Redis, GraphQL MariaDB, and InfluxDB.


  • Collaborating with Product Managers to find the best ways to scale Eneba
  • Collaborating, leading, and mentoring other Developers
  • Working on a dedicated Eneba's domain (e.g. payments, support)
  • Dealing with other technical assignments, not necessarily related to domains
  • Crafting, monitoring, and reviewing your code in production

Job requirements

  • At least 4 years of experience in the development or operations field
  • Working experience with Symfony / Laravel / Zend / other PHP frameworks
  • In-depth knowledge of our day-to-day technologies (AWS, Terraform, Docker, MariaDB / InfluxDB, and all others noted above) or a serious drive to master them
  • Ability to generate, suggest, estimate and process innovative ideas
  • Ability to discuss software architecture processes and patterns
  • A constant drive for acquiring new knowledge
  • Team-centered mindset (Camaraderie)
  • No limits attitude

Extra points

  • A BS/MS degree in high-tech industries (Computer Science, Engineering, other related subjects)
  • Expertise in other technologies (those not mentioned above)
  • Passion for video games and video gaming culture
  • Published public projects (e.g. on GitHub)

Work perks

  • Collaboration with the top developers and other department's specialists in the field
  • Opportunity to join our Employee Stock Options program
  • Opportunity to develop and scale a unique product (we consider Eneba as a living, breathing entity)
  • Personal and professional growth at an exponential rate
  • A community of like-minded professionals striving for a unified goal
  • High team collaboration and motivation for success
  • Top-notch technologies and tools
  • Flexible hours, no unnecessary distractions
  • A modern and innovative company with a fresh attitude to ''how it's done''
  • And all other neat stuff one expects to find in a well-structured office
Gross salary (per month)

€3,300 - €5,000