Security Engineer

Lithuania, LT

Full time

The Cyber Guard!

There is no cap on security, and nobody knows it better than a Security Engineer. Security engineering focuses on designing systems ready to withstand an amplitude of disruptions. This position will analyze current Eneba’s tooling and systems to ensure security as well as set security guidelines for other engineers. The individual to join this position will be reporting directly to the Head of Tech and pioneering the entire infrastructure and processes for future engineers. Predicting even the most unlikely threats and preventing them from happening is simply what you do? Already seeing yourself as the first line of defense? Feeling ready to establish a new level of security and security awareness on Eneba? Apply today!

Work position – Platform team

The platform team builds, deploys, monitors, and is on call for the platform components and underlying platform infrastructure. The platform team creates tools for other teams to perform in the most stable, fast, and precise manner. Platform team members do not shy away from architecture-level assignments. They follow the latest tech trends, pulse, and know about the most effective tools of the moment. Eneba’s users cannot visually see the impact of the platform team, however, it is felt via the presence of speed, quality, and new features.


  • Analysing current tooling and systems to ensure security
  • Setting security guidelines to engineers
  • Setting up security as part of CI/CD pipeline
  • White/black box testing
  • Monitoring for relevant vulnerabilities
  • Helping with compliance initiatives related to security
  • Collaborating with developers to make sure new environments meet requirements and conform to best practices

Job requirements

  • At least 2 years of experience in relevant field
  • Strong background in one or more of these: ethical hacking, backend engineering, devops, cloud administration
  • Proficiency with industry-standard tooling and techniques like burpsuite & owasp
  • Familiarity with PHP/GO stack-related tooling, PHP OpenSSL specifics
  • In depth knowledge of IETF, RSA standards such as OAuth2, JOSE, PKCS
  • Continuous interest in newest versions of given standards and their usage in platforms
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Creativity and attention to details
  • Structured and process-oriented mindset
  • Open and approachable personality
  • No limits attitude

Extra points

  • Experience in marketplaces
  • AWS experience
  • Passion for video games and video gaming culture

Work perks

  • Collaboration with the top developers and other department specialists in the field
  • Opportunity to join our Employee Stock Options program
  • Opportunity to develop and scale a unique product (we consider Eneba as a living, breathing entity)
  • Personal and professional growth at an exponential rate
  • A community of like-minded professionals striving for a unified goal
  • High team collaboration and motivation for success
  • Top-notch technologies and tools
  • Flexible hours, no unnecessary distractions
  • A modern and innovative company with a fresh attitude to ''how it's done''
  • And all other neat stuff one expects to find in a well-structured office
Gross salary (per month)

€2,700 - €4,200