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Let's Cook Together XBOX LIVE Key GLOBAL

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    Product description

    Let's Cook Together XBOX LIVE Key

    Cooperate with a friend in the kitchen and become the top chefs together! Yellow Dot presents a family-friendly cooking experience meant to be played by two players - Let’s Cook Together. This simple yet endearing game has a straightforward premise that is bound to turn both extremely fun and chaotic the longer you play - you and your friend work in the kitchen but the problem is that it’s divided by a long serving counter. All the ingredients and cooking utensils you need to prepare food just happen to be on the other side and the only way to solve this issue is by throwing the things they need to your partner. Buy Let’s Cook Together Xbox Live key, cooperate and prepare delicious meals together!

    Let’s Cook Together gameplay features

    The commercial kitchen you find yourselves in is really impractical but there’s nothing a bit of coordination can’t fix! While you’re howling with laughter and squealing at all the mishaps, you’re bound to enjoy these features as well:

    • Suited for everyone. Prepare to forge stronger bonds with just about anyone you want - Let’s Cook Together is meant to be played by people of all ages, from the smallest game enthusiasts to elders who want to spend some time together with family and friends;
    • Communication is key. While other cooking games tend to rely on quick reflexes and agility, all you need here is to coordinate your tasks and simply talk with your kitchen partner;
    • Fresh challenges. The levels become more difficult the more you manage to beat - expect new recipes, appliances, ingredients;
    • Strive for the top. How well you perform is measured by a star rating - you can unlock new restaurants, upgrade your cooking utensils and even new looks for your character;
    • • Cheap Let’s Cook Together price.

    A handful of fun with a dash of chaos

    Just like food, games are much more enjoyable when you indulge in them with someone else! The Let’s Cook Together Xbox key emphasises just that - cooking meals together with a partner. Because the ingredients and the appliances you need to fulfil orders are found on the other side of the long serving counter, you have to throw these things to the other side of the kitchen to your partner, all the while fulfilling your own kitchen tasks. Talking is a crucial aspect of getting things done - if you’re not communicating well enough, you can expect hilarious mishaps and general chaos. Buy Let’s Cook Together Xbox Live key and become the top chefs!

    Outros detalhes

    • Idiomas
      • Inglês
    • Data de lançamento
      11 de junho de 2021
    • Editor
      Yellow Dot
    • Produtores
      Yellow Dot
    € 11,99

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