PlayStation Network Card 50 EUR (AT) PSN Key AUSTRIA

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  • EuropaCan't be activated in Estados Unidos
  • PSN
    PSNCan be activated on PlayStation Network. Check Activation Guide.
  • Digital keyThis is a digital edition of the product (CD-KEY)Instant delivery
  • Sistemas operativos:
    • PlayStation
Aviso importante:
  • No expiration date. Code is valid only for the AUSTRIA PSN store. Make sure that your account is registered to AUSTRIA.

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PlayStation Network Card 50 EUR (AT) key

There’s a ton of stuff that you can acquire on the PSN network and PlayStation Network Gift Card 50 EUR key is one of the most convenient ways to acquire what you want! Buy the key, use the code, purchase whatever you want!

While using this Gift Card to increase your PSN account’s funds is definitely an option, however, it’s not the only option. Purchase this Gift Card key for those you love, as It also comes as the perfect gift for anyone even remotely related to PlayStation Network!

What happens after your purchase? You take the PlayStation Network Gift Card 50 EUR key, you activate it on the PSN account, and then you go check what PSN store offers, and there’s plenty on offer!

The (AT) PSN cards come in many values, this one adds 50 EUR to the designated account, and it’s more than enough to use the PSN store to its full potential.

What feature should the perfect Gift Card have without question? No expiry date should definitely be on the list, and that’s exactly what this card is all about!

And for the final note, by buying PlayStation Network Gift Card 50 EUR key you’re certain to receive more than your money’s worth, and if that’s not a compelling argument, what is?

Data de lançamento:

November 29, 2013


Sony Online Entertainment


Sony Online Entertainment