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PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (USA)

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (USA) unlocks a subscription to PS PLUS membership for a whole year! The PlayStation Network was established back in 2006, however, there are quite a few differences regarding the accessibility offered between the PSN and the PS Plus services.

PSN is a free-to-use service, however, only by acquiring the PlayStation Plus Subscription you will be able to enjoy every single feature at-hand! While PSN allows the use of various Entertainment Apps and provides access to PlayStation Video – it doesn’t offer any of the things that really matter.

This is where the PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days subscription comes into play! Want instant access to multiplayer online play? Want to co-op in games with your buddies? Want additional discounts of up to 75% off on your favourite games? Friends, the PS Plus unlocks this, and even more!

Buy your PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days subscription and enjoy every single feature of both PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus. Multiple free games each month, access to online play and communication, tons of exclusive discounts and even the opportunity to download and play through the latest demos & Beta tests!

If you’re one of the PlayStation Console users, PlayStation Plus Card subscription is simply a must – use every feature that PlayStation team has developed, enjoy seamless access and unsurmountable fun. The doors to the world of gaming are yours to open, and the doorknob is just a few clicks away.

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March 22, 2011


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