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Apex Legends 1000 Apex Coins Origin Key GLOBAL

Apex Legends 1000 Apex Coins Origin Key GLOBAL

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    OriginPlataforma de ativação/resgate: Origin
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  • Chave digitalEsta é uma edição digital do produto (CD-KEY)Entrega instantânea
Aviso importante:
  • For PC ORIGIN version of the game. You must have Apex Legends in your ORIGIN account in order to use this product.

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Descrição do Produto

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Apex Legends 1000 Apex Coins

Want to look flashy when taking on your next opponent? Perhaps you are tired of the same old costume? Or would just prefer to have an edge over your enemies? Either way, buy 1000 Apex Coins and enjoy your unrestricted access to the fast lane. Anything and everything you could want is yours now! But before you run off to spend all your currency on that fancy skin you have your eye on, let’s take a look at the treasures these coins can earn you.

Packs and more!

First and foremost, the Apex packs, those wonderful bundles of joy (and RNG, let’s be real). Opening the packs will give you a chance to obtain rare and unique cosmetics, finishers, character voice lines and other kinds of goodies. And of course, the more packs you open, the better your loot will be. Buy 1000 Apex Coins, take your chances and remember that the game grants you great rewards for opening a certain number of packs, doubling the reward).

A way to exclusivity

And if you love Wraith, Apex packs are a must, since it’s the only way to get exclusive items meant just for her. These special Heirlooms are restricted to the packs and therefore stresses the exclusivity of the items. Currently, there’s only one, but soon there will be more - a perfect time to stock up on the currency and challenge the RNG gods!

Apex Legends Pass?

Ultimately, if you want something more substantial, buy 1000 Apex Coins and invest it in Battle Passes. You can get a singular pass or a bundle of them, which will grant you additional rewards during the ongoing Season. So, you may want to stock up and go dive right into the action, gaining extensive rewards just for playing. The purchase is well worth the price and is a significant boost to any legend’s career.

Premium Apex currency

To sum it up, there are multiple uses for your premium currency. Whether you want to customize your look, reap benefits of larger investment or just have something in the proverbial bank in case you need it, buy 1000 Apex Coins and enjoy the enhanced game experience.

How to redeem Apex coins PC (Origin):

  • • Launch the Origin application and log-in with your account;
  • • Click Origin button on the top left corner;
  • • Choose Redeem Product Code option;
  • • Enter the product code into the given field and press Next;
  • • Click Next on the following page to complete the process.

Outros detalhes

  • Data de lançamento
    5 de fevereiro de 2019
  • Distribuidora
    Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Desenvolvedores
    Respawn Entertainment