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Battle.net Gift Card 50 USD Battle.net Key NORTH AMERICA

Battle.net Gift Card 50 USD Battle.net Key NORTH AMERICA

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Descrição do Produto

Battle.net Gift Card 50 USD Battle.net Key

Seize the opportunity and buy Battle.net gift card 50 NA in order to make your gameplay even more enjoyable. Get your character a new mount, unlock new card decks to beat opponents with or add layers to your current favourite – all are within your control.

One wallet and countless choices

The funds of your gift card are added to the internal Balance Blizzard has. It ultimately allows you to choose what game you want to spend money on. And since it is all connected by a singular platform, you can switch between games as you see fit. Basically, once you decide to buy Battle.net gift card 50 NA, it won’t be a one-off purchase with all the funds invested in one game. It’s more like entering a mall – take a look at the selection and buy what you want!

The element of one wallet for all the games adds certain enjoyment that might otherwise be out of reach. You can get what you desire for one game, and then hop to another one, and no single dollar is wasted.

Play how and what you want

The cards are easy to use. Once you get the code, log into your blizzard account and redeem it. Thus, once you buy Battle.net gift card 50 NA, there will be no additional information needed, no credit card; simplicity at its finest! And since your Blizzard Balance is universal, you can pick any of Blizzard’s games and do with your funds as you will! If you like card games, grab a few deck packs and try out your strategies in Hearthstone, or maybe you are a dedicated World of Warcraft fan and desire to add another mount to your collection? You can even buy expansions and DLCs with your balance, so if you are a great Blizzard fan, you won’t regret it if you buy Battle.net gift card 50 NA.

Available for everyone

Card’s code can only be used once, but it is not locked to the person who pays for it. Therefore, you can grab the gift card and, quite literally, gift it to a friend! It can serve as a freeform present, allowing the friend to pick what they truly want. Or perhaps you want to give them a boost so they could be on the same level game-wise and you can run down the dungeons together? Either way, the gift card is a versatile purchase.

How to redeem a Blizzard code?

  • • Log in to your Blizzard account on Battle.net webpage;
  • • Look for Redeem option at the Account Overview;
  • • Enter the key and click Redeem to finish the process;
  • • Purchased items have been added to your account!

Outros detalhes

  • Data de lançamento
    31 de julho de 2017
  • Distribuidora
    Blizzard Entertainment
  • Desenvolvedores
    Blizzard Entertainment