Gamers have done it again! In case you haven’t heard, last weekend French gamer community hosted the annual Z Event – a special charity project dedicated to raising funds for those in need. This year, Z Event managed to accumulate a record amount of donations – during a 3-day event streamers from France collected over 5,7 million euros for Amnesty International.

For those who haven’t heard, the Z Event is a francophone charity project created by Adrien Nougaret and Alexandre Dachary (respectively known under the pseudonyms ZeratoR and Dach) whose goal is to bring together French streamers to collect donations that will support a charity. The first event took place in 2016, however back then it was known as Avengers Project. 

Throughout the years Z Event collected donations for various different charity organizations. In 2016 gamers donated for Save the Children foundation, in 2017 gamers donated for French Red Cross. In 2018 Z Event was the first one of the series that managed to cross a 1 million euro milestone and in 2019 it even broke a World record for a charity stream on Twitch – back then gamers collected over 3,5 million euros for Pasteur Institute.

However, this weekend marked yet another record for charity streams on Twitch. Z Event decided to host a special stream. Considering the circumstances due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this one had strict rules – there were only 85 participants (streamers and team members) and the event was happening under strict regulations in an isolated hotel. However, even though this wasn’t as open as its previous iterations, it managed to accumulate 692 thousand Peak Viewers – 30% more than last year.

All of the viewers were able to donate money or buy special event T-shirts to add to the cause. The final amount collected is 5,7 million euros which will be transferred to Amnesty International – a non-governmental organization focused on human rights.

Of course, such a success was noticed by non-gamers. Even France president Emmanuel Macron extended his gratitude via Twitter for such an amazing  success:

We’d like to share our gratitude as well. It’s amazing to see such initiatives breaking records each year. We always knew that gamers are awesome and we can only hope that this trend continues. Awesome work, guys!

If you wish to learn more about Z Event and its cause, be sure to check their official page here.