21 years have passed since the launch of Worms: Armageddon. Released in 1999, the game still boasts a big community of fans playing Worms to this day. On Friday, Team 17 decided to refresh their old game and released a new update for the title bringing a lot of fixes and new stuff to play with.

The new 3.8 patch includes 370 bug fixes, 45 tweaks to the existing features, and 61 new additions to the game including a bunch of new single-player missions and previous game modifications made as official game modes. It also includes expanded scheme options, further localization, and more compatibility with new gaming hardware.

Here’s an official video with a short rundown of things to expect:

If you’ve never played any classic Worms games, Worms Armageddon might be a great way to get acquainted with the franchise, to see its humble beginnings, and learn why it became such a big phenomenon. It’s also worth mentioning that Worms Armageddon became the basis of 2016’s Worms W.M.D game which to this date is regarded as one of the best Worms games ever.

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