The gaming industry is one that constantly keeps evolving in order to satisfy the ever-growing needs of the consumers. So far, the industry is thriving, and the foreseeable future of video games is as bright as it has ever been. However, change is imminent, and the gaming world is bound to continue changing in order to keep up with the expectation of brilliance that many people have in relation to the upcoming games. What can be expected from games in the years to come? What are the signs of change? How will the games look like in a few years? All the answers can be found below!

The future of video games is in the cloud!

It seems inevitable by now, that the future of video games will bring forth the cloud as the most important aspect in the gaming world as a whole. When that will happen remains to be seen, hopefully, it is sooner rather than later! Why is it such a big deal to have your games in the cloud? It is the ability to play your games anywhere, at any time, that is so incredibly charming! Boot up a video game on your TV, save, and continue on your mobile or laptop away from home! At some point of time, there will be little to no difference between platforms, with most games being playable on every platform imaginable!


This is the future of video games, and there is everything to be excited about! Not only will you be able to play virtually anywhere, but you will also be able to stream your games with ease, as anyone with access to your cloud will be able to watch you play! There is an array of cloud gaming services already available, however, none of them have hit the mainstream due to a lack of functionality. As technology keeps improving, the cloud services will follow and take over the world of gaming!

Improved graphics

Graphics has always been a point of focus in game development, therefore, it is no surprise that the future of video games promises to have even more realistic graphics! The graphics have come a very long way over the last decade, however, they are not quite perfect yet! Firing up a game in 4K graphics today is an awe-inspiring experience and it is hard to believe how stunning the environments and the characters look. 4K does not seem to be satisfactory to the game developers though, as what was considered as a revolution in graphics is said to soon be replaced by 8K! Combining 8K graphics with increasingly more powerful game engines, we may come to a time when video game worlds and real life are hard to differentiate!

The future of video games is sure to have a step up in realism and working out the way that hair looks in games is one of the main points of focus! No matter how realistic characters and animals in gaming have looked to date, their hair has always caused major issues. It looks more like plastic than hair, often staying motionless while the character is moving. This has seen improvements lately but is yet to be completely worked out. Sure enough, the hair in gaming will look as lifelike as everything else does, it is only a matter of time. The future of video games looks to be as bright as ever at least as far as graphics are concerned!

Virtual Reality coming back!

Virtual reality has gathered a lot of hype when it first came into prominence a few years ago, however, it never really take-off. Yet! There was a lack of virtual reality video games and those that were there left a lot to be desired. Couple that up with a price-tag that definitely was not for everyone and it is easy to see why virtual reality gaming never hit the mainstream. The times are changing though, and VR has all the qualities needed to be the future of video games!


Virtual Reality allows for a level of immersion that cannot be paralleled by any other form of gaming, sending the player into a different world, hence the straightforward name. It does have the ability to provide an otherworldly experience and is now becoming increasingly more affordable, with the technology improving every day! Eventually, VR will become everything we initially expected out of it when the talks first began – plenty of games, all of them working without any disturbance! Multiple video game developers already acknowledged the fact that VR is the future of video games, with incredibly popular games such as Skyrim, Batman: Arkham, Fallout 4, and Doom getting their own VR versions, ensuring that the experiences are going to be there for every owner of a VR set! There is plenty to be excited about in the years to come!

More spectators than players

Streaming video games is a massively popular phenomenon nowadays and it keeps on growing every day!, by far the most popular video game service in the world, has announced to have as many as 1.29 million concurrent viewers on average during 2019 so far! It is a 21% increase from 1.07 million in 2018, leaving no doubts that the future of video games is closely linked with streaming.

Streamers are now becoming international superstars and are earning a living just by entertaining their viewers. If platforms such as Twitch continue on growing throughout the years to come, it is inevitable, that more people will be watching video games than playing them! This is increasingly evident with esports as well, since major events are garnering incredible viewing numbers! After all, many major sports such as basketball or football have more people watching them than playing them, there is no reason why that can’t be the case in the future of video games!

No matter how awesome it would be to have a magical ball that would show the future, such a thing does not exist, at least not yet. Therefore, this look into what the future might hold for the world of gaming is purely speculative and some of the things mentioned above may not necessarily come to fruition. However, all the signs are there for such things as VR, clouds and improving graphics to be the future of video games and if that is indeed the case, there is plenty to look forward to!