Hello and welcome to yet another article about the newest Rockstar Games release, Red Dead Redemption 2! If you’ve been following our blog recently, you sure know about the very latest news in the gaming world, the newest game releases, the best genre-defining games, and more. However, there’s one more thing that keeps us thrilled from morning to evening, and that is the old-westerner game, known in the common language as Red Dead Redemption 2. We’ve written about the game’s map and narrative, we’ve been recommending it as one of the finest, and we’ve even compared it to GTA at some point, however, we have yet to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 horses, and today is the day.

This action-adventure title offers a whole bunch of everything, starting with original and unique characters and a narrative so immersive that real-life sort of fades-off into the background, and ending with an immensely vast open-world with wild opportunities and challenges with each step. One of these opportunities, as well as challenges, are Red Dead Redemption 2 horses. The game offers one of the most complex relationship schemes, between a man and a beast, ever (of course putting such pieces as Ultimate Fishing Simulator aside). And with this article, we offer everything about the Red Dead Redemption 2 horses!

red dead redemption 2 horses

Breeds, Classification, and Tiers!

RDR2 offers a total of 19-unique horse breeds. Each horse breed has its own defining characteristics, conditions, and statistical attributes. In order to acquire a horse in this game, a player must:

-Pay for it at one of the in-game stables.

-Capture it and tame it for free (If putting a tremendous amount of effort and thought into an activity is still considered as free).

It’s entirely true that the best Red Dead Redemption 2 horses only become available once you’re quite deep into the narrative part of the game, these are the two Arabian breeds from specific stables in Saint Denis and one of the Epilogue 1 locations, Missouri Fox Trotters, and Turkoman breeds also have similar stats. However, the four can only be acquired once you reach chapter 4, or Epilogue 1, and even then, they certainly don’t come for free.

The above-mentioned breeds have all around best in-game attributes in terms of health, stamina, speed, and acceleration, however, there are some alternative breeds that you can attain right from Chapter 2, when you’re allowed to enter the open-world environment. Out of all the Red Dead Redemption 2 horses that you can get for free, the Arabian horse located in the north-western part of the map, in the wild, is your best option. You can notice the stallion by its white coloured coat.

We’ve categorized the already mentioned as well as the rest of your options in six sections, so it would be easier for you to decide whether the beast that has attracted your attention is really worth the struggle. The list of Red Dead Redemption 2 horses below names breeds according to their overall number of attribute points, from one to six, one being the best:

Arabian, Missouri Fox Trotter, Turkoman

Ardennes, Andalusian

Hungarian Halfbred, Dutch Warmblood, American Paint, Mustang

Nokota, American Standardbred, Thoroughbred

Shire, Suffolk Punch, Belgian, Appaloosa

Morgan, Kentucky Saddler, Tennessee Walker

Putting their breeds aside, each of the Red Dead Redemption 2 horses is classified according to its type, and there is a total of six distinct types that, more or less, lets you know how the overall stat points are divided across the four main attributes: Health, Stamina, Speed, and Acceleration. Before we get into the types, lets fast-check what quality each attribute represents:

Health (HP) – Shows the total maximum amount of damage your horse can handle

Stamina (STA) – Shows for how long your horse can sprint at full speed, also jump, and swim

Speed (SPD) – Shows the top speed your horse can reach

Acceleration (ACC) – Shows the amount of time per which your horse can reach its top speed

The six Red Dead Redemption 2 horses’ types are split into Riding; War; Work; Draft; Race; and Superior. A short comparison of each type follows:

Riding – All four of the above-mentioned attributes are Below Average. Still better than walking on foot though.

War – The health and stamina bars are quite high; however, the speed and acceleration are quite low. If you are not planning to make your escape, this is the meat shield to use!

Work – The stamina bar is high, the health and speed are average, and the acceleration is low. These Red Dead Redemption 2 horses are ideal travel companions, especially when there’s no one chasing!

Draft – All four of the above-mentioned attributes are Average. Either a jack of all trades, or a good for nothing pony. In either case, a definitive priority over a Riding type.

Race – The speed and acceleration meters are sky high, but the health and stamina are concerning low. Just robbed a bank and in need of a quick escape? Just whistle!

Superior – Whenever you’ll finally get on this one, Red Dead Redemption 2 horses experience gets enhanced tenfold. All four of the above-mentioned stats are sky high. Your restless armoured rocket type of a beast awaits!

red dead redemption 2

Horse bonding

In the introduction, we’ve mentioned that there’s a deep connection between the Red Dead Redemption 2 horses and the player character, and that’s a fact. It’s a fact because the game offers numerous ways on how you can interact with your four-legged vehicle, and furthermore, this interaction offers some real in-game benefits! There are numerous activities that you can partake in order to increase the bonding level:

Ride, lead, and swim with your horse,

Feed your horse nutritious foods,

Groom and keep him fresh and tidy,

And most important, calm him whenever he’s agitated!

Do these on regular basis, and you’ll become an expert horseman in no time! For your efforts, the Red Dead Redemption 2 horses will boost up their health and stamina meters and react when you call them from further away! They will also be more confident in crossing difficult terrain and deep waters, and without a doubt, they’ll stay more loyal to their master! Once you’ll hit bonding level 4, a set of cool moves is also yours to dabble with. Such moves like Rear, Piaffe, Drift, Skid Turn, and Skid Stop can be more beneficial than you’d think.

Final touch ups regarding the topic

Red Dead Redemption 2 horses offer quite game on their own, and we have a few final notable features regarding the topic:

Fast Traveling forces your main horse to drag along!

Your horse stats can be boosted through bonding, however, they can also be increased by equipping a saddle and stirrups, or for a short time period – enhanced with tonics.

You can whistle your horse to come, the distance depends on your current bonding level. However, the whistling won’t work if your horse is in the stable, or you are in a building, or worse, a cave!

You can have for up to three Red Dead Redemption 2 horses simultaneously, however, only one is considered as your main (it’s the one with the saddle).

Your horse can get fat, or quite the opposite, too thin. You can avoid it by simply following the diagrams, and only feeding the animal whenever it’s necessary (monitor hunger).