In a surprising bit, Riot Games finally revealed their plans about Valorant’s launch. In a cheeky misdirecting video Riot’s executive producer Anna Donlon and game director Joe Ziegler revealed that the company is ready to allow masses to enter! Valorant will be launching worldwide on June 2nd.

Here’s a video:

Valorant is currently in closed beta, but according to the developers, the servers will be switched off next week. This means that everyone will get a week off before the official launch, According to Riot Games, all the progress earned by closed beta participants will be reset except for special beta rewards – a title, a card and a gun buddy – nothing too fancy.

As for the launch version, Valorant will feature some surprises. We now know that Valorant will launch with 11 Agents and 4 maps. Closed beta only had 10 Agents and three maps, so even the most dedicated testers will have something to look forward to. In addition, the date trailer also features a snippet from what looks like a full-blown CG cinematic…

In any case, it’s hype time. While the community of the game was speculating about Valorant being ready for everyone near the end of the summer, we’re getting it right from the get-go. Hooray!