It’s been a while since we last heard from Riot Games portion of the team working on Valorant. After that big announcement about the first official esports tournament called First Strike, there was almost no news about the game itself. Until now… Yesterday, developers revealed a new map coming to the popular tactical shooter game.

It’s called Icebox and it looks cool…

From what we gather, it will be an icy setting full of compact spaces and corners players will need to check. Frozen dockyard seems like a great place for some additional verticality that might enable certain Agents to better utilize their skills (we guess that Jett will be a real threat on this map).

It’s worth mentioning that this is just a teaser and Icebox is still some time off. The trailer reveals that Icebox will become available during Act III. Now, Valorant players are working towards their Act II goals – it should conclude in just a week, on October 13th. The moment it does, the Act III update will go live, and it will bring changes to Valorant’s ranked mode, a new battle pass, and this newly announced Icebox map.

It’s worth mentioning that some fans expect to hear something about yet another Agent joining the game’s roster, but currently, there’s nothing official that could confirm these rumors. We hope to learn more over the course of the week.

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