To no one’s surprise, Valorant’s closed beta test attracted huge audiences on Twitch. While some of us were expecting some huge numbers, primarily due to the fact that the only way to get beta access is via Twitch drops, viewership numbers still left some people at awe.

Yesterday, closed beta began with almost a million tuning in to watch the launch of the game for the selected few. However, over the day, the viewership grew in numbers and peaked at around 1.5 million viewers, placing Valornat in #1 spot by quite a margin. Even Riot Games didn’t anticipate such big numbers since just after a few hours the developers had to disable closed beta invite drops.

Of course, such hype wouldn’t be possible without some of the biggest Twitch streamers joining the ranks of Valorant players. A lot of the Twitch community joined the hype wagon – former CS:GO and Overwatch pros, well-known personalities such as Dr. Disrespect and others are streaming Valorant almost non stop. Their follower numbers most definitely add to the pool of viewers currently watching Valorant.

If you’re not familiar with Valornat it’s the upcoming hero shooter made by Riot Games. According to the developers, Valorant’s focus is competitive team play – think something along the lines of “Counter Strike meets Overwatch”. However, unlike Overwatch, Valornat promotes precise gun-play, so it won’t be well suited for casuals. If you’d like to learn more about it, be sure to check our other blog post regarding the topic.

Valorant is set to come out for PC this summer. The game will be free to play.