Our avid blog readers know that we love Valorant. We even wrote a separate piece about what makes this game so special. However, one of the biggest current issues with Riot Games’ tactical shooter is its balance. Up until this point, many agents were mandatory in competitive play while others were barely picked. Valorant’s 1.07 update tackles this in a huge way.

First and foremost, there are agent balance changes. While there is quite a lot to cover in a short piece (you can read through all of these by clicking a link below), the main takeaway is Sage’s nerf and a massive buff for Breach. 

For a long time, Sage was a must-pick agent for her ability to heal all the HP with a single use of her skill. That’s gone now. Valorant’s 1.07 update lowers the power of healing – from now on Sage can only heal 60 HP instead of 100. And not only that, her slow orb is now 30 percent smaller while her wall will be way more vulnerable for three seconds after its deployed, meaning that you can just wall yourself off from the incoming damage.

Buff for Breach is fairly straightforward – all of his abilities travel faster and can descope an enemy lurking around the corner. He also received an additional flash grenade allowing him to flash three times in a single round. These changes might even bring Breach back into competitive meta since additional flash alone is super strong.

There are some other little tweaks for Viper, Killjoy, and Sova but these mainly concern the readability of the game.

There are also a few changes to the game’s weapons as well. Valorant’s 1.07 update nerfs shotguns. From now on, shotguns will be less effective weapons in a long-range fight and will have a shorter tag duration meaning that ambushed players will have more time to react. In addition, Riot Games decided to slightly buff Vandal, increasing its rate of fire and damage.

There are a lot smaller tweaks and upgrades for all parts of the game so if you’re interested be sure to read through the official patch notes.