In case you were wondering how the latest Steam hit has been performing so far, you’ll be pleased to know that the game shows no signs of stopping its momentum. Iron Gate recently announced that Valheim surpassed 4 million units sold since February 2nd and now is one of the top most-played games of all time on Steam.

The statement reads:

“When Valheim first hit Steam Early Access just three weeks ago, we hoped that all the hard work our small team put into the game these past three years would get the attention it deserved. 

Little did we know just how much Valheim would resonate with all four million of you.

That’s right! Three weeks into Early Access, and we’ve hit another milestone, four million brave souls embarking on the most dangerous feat in over a thousand years of Viking history – trying to make Odin proud.”

Iron Gate also shared a few interesting facts about the game and its growing popularity. According to the developers, this past weekend the game had over 500,000 concurrent players, allowing Valheim to become one of the top 5 most popular games in the history of Steam.

If you’ve never heard about Valheim before, you should check out our other blog post where we shared some details about the game and talked about its advantages compared to other survival games. In fact, Valheim soon might become the best-reviewed game on Steam! Currently, the game has over 81,000 ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reviews and sits in 57th place among the best-reviewed Steam games of all time.

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