We’re as surprised as you are… During the weekend, Ubisoft sent out a new survey to Rainbow Six Siege players, and the survey had some interesting questions. The questionary which is designed to gather player feedback featured a bunch of questions asking players if they enjoy battle royale games.

The survey gives a chance to consider a possible scenario where Ubisoft is to release a new Rainbow Six title and is asking a bunch of ‘in advance’ questions with the intent to find out on how would the player base react to it. How much value they see in it, what cost seems appropriate and so on… So, this survey might indicate Ubisoft’s future plans for the game.

Of course, this had players worried since Rainbow Six Siege is a game far from anything related to battle-royale. However, one tactical team FPS, Counter Strike, has already included such game mode next to its main attraction, but without great success.

Sceptics might say that it’s just a survey and it doesn’t mean anything but Ubisoft has a record of taking the players’ feedback for granted. For example, after Assassin’s Creed Origins launch, a similar survey was sent out to fans of the game which featured a question about the setting of the new game. Back then we didn’t make anything of an option regarding Assassin’s Creed game set in Rome, but that’s how Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was born.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Rainbow Six Siege will be abandoned. This can be an entirely new game, or this can be a paid DLC – we just don’t know. In any case, if you have a strong stance on whether Rainbow Six Siege should change their direction, now it’s your chance to voice your opinion. Be sure to check your inbox to see if you’ve gotten an email. The future of the game is in your hands.