Bite on your cigar, pour yourself some imported whiskey, and get those eye-shades rolling! The sun is shining, and the people outside have all gathered up – it’s time to rock your election speech! Sounds familiar? Being El Presidente, the one and only true leader is not always a pleasant journey, and while admittedly the position has its perks, often it can get quite stressful.

And that’s exactly the case with the upcoming Tropico 6 city management builder release! So, what’s the new Tropico 6 like? Limbic Entertainment, the developer behind the game, has made sure to keep the most of the game’s framework intact, however, that’s not saying that the game doesn’t present some captivating innovations, as well as plenty of completely-amazing-yet-still-familiar features!

In today’s article we’ll cover the details on what’s the new Tropico 6 like so that once the title is ready to open its borders, you could easily decide on your next action. However, it’s worth noting that if you are the Tropico saga fan, this piece right here doesn’t look to disappoint and, in such case, this article only further aims to increase the hype! Tropico 6 comes out on March 29, 2019, and as always, you can already pre-order the game on our Eneba Marketplace!

Island Archipelagos in Tropico 6!

So, what’s the new Tropico 6 like in terms of its playground? A lot has changed actually! When you think about it, a single island has only so much room before your successful leadership is capped by environmental forces beyond your control. And to extend the ceiling, or the said cap, to the yet unexplored regions, the El Presidente has now decided to rule over island complexes and archipelagos! And truly, that’s one hell of a change!

tropico 6

Can you only imagine being able to expand from an island to an island, separate the community, entertainment, and industrial districts, and plenty more! What’s Tropico 6 like with this change in action? Well, it’s nothing but awesome. The claustrophobic feeling is gone, and the bigger playground can only mean more fun! By fun, we, of course, mean more revenue, more challenge, more responsibility, and of course, lengthier gameplay!

Means of Transport in Tropico 6!

If your new playgrounds are separated by water, how will you operate efficiently? The sixth title in the series presents plenty of new means of travel! What’s the new Tropico 6 like with the new additions? It’s nothing but awesome! Having separate islands allows to build such structures as bridges and underwater tunnels, these then allow creating the necessity for city buses with multiple bus stops and various parking lots! We won’t even begin discussing the option for cable cars (they are here though!)

tropico 6 boat

However, now another question may occur. What’s the new Tropico 6 like in the earlier eras? Building an underwater tunnel back then would pretty much be considered as witchcraft! It’s all thought through though! Since the ancient times, ships were the way to go, and Tropico 6 by no means is shying away from this technological wonder which until this day is proving its immeasurable worth! Build a landing dock and a teamster port and your citizens will be able to boat around with ease!

Tropicans and Workplace in Tropico 6!

Much like in the previous iterations, your Tropicans are your most important asset, as well as your scariest threat! However, what’s different in Tropico 6 is that each worker now has its own needs, desires, personality, and wishes! On top of that, now, workplace efficiency will also take a hit based on your workers’ behaviour! Let’s take an example; a few of your guys are feeling quite sad, they won’t hesitate to leave to the store, church or the cinema, and your production stops!

tropico 6 city

The productivity of each building gets directly affected by the number of workers in it! For example, if it’s night-time, there may not be a single soul wandering in the building, and thus, the building is out of the picture for a whole night! What’s Tropico 6 like with this change? It’s much more interactive, and that’s not even the end! Remember the city transportation about which we wrote up above? If you won’t make it precise and convenient, rush-hours can get quite lengthy – especially if your productivity depends on it!

Other Features and Changes in Tropico 6!

The next instalment in the Tropico saga brings plenty of other features that are both very familiar and entirely new. These include the improvements to your inhabitants’ memory, pirate raids and heists, world wonders, numerous fractions (plenty of Bureaucracy in this one as well), also unconventional election speeches and even a new service character – The Broker! Check out a little more about each of these below!


Your Tropicans memory got a significant boost since the previous title. So, what’s the new Tropico 6 like with smarter inhabitants strolling around? Well, it’s harder. Whatever promises you’ll make, they will have to be administered, as now the Tropicans remember everything… You don’t keep your Election Speech promises – they’ll make sure you pay!

Heisting & Raiding

Pirate heists and raids also bring some unconventional tricks to boost your ruling scheme! Just build a Pirate Cove and voila! You can send these sea-dwellers to loot for raw materials, or even bring some new citizens, but the best of all lies in their ability to steal world wonders! Want a Statue of Liberty? Or a Pyramid of Giza? Just mention it to your boys!

tropico 6 eiffel tower

World Wonders

What’s Tropico 6 like with all these world wonders? It’s like Las Vegas, only a bit less flashy. On the serious note, these world wonders come with some cool bonuses and by no means are just for the bragging rights. For example, the Pyramid of Giza will increase the workers’ construction rate, while the Statue of Liberty serves as a great way to earn tourist approval (100% approval to be precise!)

Political Relations

The countries from which these objects were stolen from might not be happy about it, and they shouldn’t, but that’s Tropico 6 for you! Throughout the game, you’ll undergo many rollercoaster-like geo-political adventures, and it’ll depend solely based on your ingenuity upon which direction the stream of events will flow. Swim, sink, or try to drown others instead!

The Broker

Finally, there’s the new character known as The Broker. While the Broker only offers short-term solutions and favours, they can certainly be of use. That is if you’ve enough money in your Swiss account to pay for the guy’s work! The Broker can fix your image campaign, he also works as a useful exchange market that offers various resources for your hard-earned cash! And there’re many other ways on how you can use the guy, however, these and in fact, plenty more – awaits you only by playing!