This week we’re playing Total War series and offering some great prices for all Total War games. However, we’re not the only ones enjoying the game, since the new Total War Saga: Troy game is super popular on Epic Games Store right now. Having this in mind, Creative Assembly decided to use their time in the spotlight and announced a new expansion for Total War: Three Kingdoms called The Furious Wild.

The new Total War: Three Kingdoms expansion will be set in Southern China’s jungles and will introduce a lot of new content. Players exploring The Furious Wild will be tasked to unite the tribes of this new territory in order to evolve your empire and elevate it above others. As always you will have a few options – you will be able to choose diplomacy or a good old fashioned conquest.

It’s also worth adding that the new expansion will expand your gameplay options. According to Creative Assembly,  The Furious Wild will bring 4 new playable factions featuring their own unique mechanics as well as 15 non-playable tribes that can become your allies or your worst enemies. You’ll also get an option to expand your armies with up to 25 new units featuring some really cool additions – you will be able to recruit elephants, tigers, and a variety of other animal trainers fighting by your side. 

We should note that Total War: Three Kingdoms: The Furious Wild will focus on Nanman warrior culture and should highlight some cultural and historical elements of third-century China. So if you’re a history geek, you can’t miss this!

Currently, Total War: Three Kingdoms: The Furious Wild is set to launch on September 3rd. This means that you still have some time to play through the base game before the next expansion roll-out. Be sure to check our price for it.