We love surprise game releases. One minute you are worrying about what to do with your day and the next you’re trying to clear your weekly schedule to find some time to play the game you’ve been waiting for ages. This happened to us with Torchlight 3. During the PC Gaming Show 2020, Torchlight III developers Echtra Inc. revealed the new trailer of the game and confirmed that Torchlight III’s Early Access period starts now!

Check it out:

Max Schaefer, CEO of Echtra Games and co-founder of the Torchlight franchise had this to say about the start of the journey for the third series installment:

“Torchlight III entering Steam Early Access marks the exciting return of the Torchlight franchise that ARPG fans know and love. Player feedback is incredibly important to us, and we look forward to working with the community as we continue to expand Torchlight III to make it the best Torchlight title yet. With Torchlight III in Early Access, it’s time for all adventurers, including longtime Torchlight fans and newcomers, to gather their wits and brave the frontier!”

While Torchlight III will be familiar to anyone who played the previous games in the series, it will also offer players a chance to explore some new features. For example, players will be able to try out fully customizable Forts that allow them to leave their personal mark on the world. Additionally, according to the developers, over the course of the game’s Early Access stage, additional features, game content, and quality-of-life improvements will also be added via periodic updates.

If you love ARPG games and are looking for something fresh, be sure to check it out this pleasant surprise.