According to the definition of simulator video games, they are an imitation of a real-world process or a system. Pro Cycling Manager 2020, the latest game published by Nacon and developed by Cyanide Studio, is an excellent example of that but then again – it’s far from being the only one. To celebrate the recent launch of the latest installment in the long-running Pro Cycling Manager series we’ve compiled a list of 10 best simulator games that truly capture a variety of real-life practices in a manner just as captivating as the latest Pro Cycling Manager 2020.

Pro Cycling Manager 2020

Now that the most recent of the simulator video games finally launched on June 4th, 2020, Pro Cycling Manager 2020 is the first and most obvious example of games that draw us closer to reality. Like its predecessors, Pro Cycling Manager 2020 launched in accordance with the Tour de France annual competition. Once again, players will tackle a variety of challenges that come from managing a cycling team – looking for recruits, controlling finances, training, etc. However, what makes Pro Cycling Manager 2020 one of the best simulator games in the series is its new focus on cyclist morale which has a huge influence on the way your team performs.

Motorsport Manager

A good alternative to Pro Cycling Manager 2020 would be the Motorsport Manager – a unique racing title among the simulator video games which has players giving instructions to AI racers instead of driving the cars by themselves. The game circles around an open-wheel racing competition analogous to F1, even though it doesn’t feature licensed F1 cars or official teams. Since players don’t control the cars directly, the success of the race is in large part determined by things like strategic refueling and management of petrol. That’s exactly why Motorsport Manager is among the best simulator games as it encourages to think ahead and constantly evaluate the pros and cons of every decision.

Football Manager 2020

When it comes to sports simulator video games it’s hard to top Football Manager 2020. Very often football club management is introduced as only one of the possible game modes featured in a variety of football simulation titles. That’s why the Football Manager series is exceptional as it focuses exclusively on the management aspect of the football simulation experience. The latest installment features a staggering amount of content like 2500 clubs and over 500 000 real-life players and staff to recruit. Couple that with a rewarding progression system and you have a recipe for one of the best simulator games surrounding football.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

The reputation of Euro Truck Simulator 2 speaks for itself. It’s among the simulator video games that are rated “Overwhelmingly Positive” on the Steam platform and no wonder. The genius of the beloved SCS Software title resides in its simplicity – driving through highways across Europe in a calm manner, enjoying the natural scenery, accomplishing successful deliveries, and eventually growing your own company feels satisfying in its own, unique way. Since its initial launch in 2012 the game was expanded with a multitude of add-ons, each of which continued upon enriching the game with authentically recreated real-world locations. Best simulator games bring us closer to reality, and Euro Truck Simulator 2 can possibly bring you closer to your very own doorstep!


Contrary to the fairly peaceful nature of simulator video games like Euro Truck Simulator 2, the extreme off-road driving simulation that is SnowRunner holds the players in a constant state of battle against the frozen and nearly impenetrable terrain. Developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive, SnowRunner could be considered a video game analog of the popular American TV show called Ice Road Truckers. Here players drive one of 40 licensed (and customizable) pickup trucks or semi-trailers and take up delivery contracts that require passing through an ever-changing open-world map. It’s among the best simulator games of its kind due to the amazing graphics, realistic physics, hidden rewards, and a fun 4 player co-op mode.


Released in 2014 Spintires is a nice alternative to simulator video games like SnowRunner. It’s also an extreme off-road driving simulator with an open-world map and rough terrain, however, the game establishes its own identity by drawing inspiration from the Soviet era. The title features nostalgic Soviet trucks and all-terrain vehicles such as the iconic ZiL-130, and each of them is recreated with huge attention to detail and authentic sound effects. A unique chance to drive the Cold War-era Scud missile launcher platform repurposed for carrying logs across the Russian taiga is in and of itself a reason to place Spintires on the best simulator games list. Talk about taking the fight against the terrain to the next level!

Arma 3

If a fight is what you are looking for in simulator video games, Arma 3 should be your first and most obvious choice. A true, no-nonsense military simulation that shuns away with tropes established by Hollywood action flicks or triple-A FPS game series like Call of Duty or Battlefield. Released by Bohemia Interactive in 2013, the game is an open-world military simulation sandbox set in fictional islands of Altis and Stratis. Arma 3 features more than 20 vehicles, 40 weapons, true to life gun handling, and photorealistic environments. Despite the steep learning curve, Arma 3 is most definitely among the best simulator games due to believable presentation, an abundance of content creation tools, and engaging multiplayer.

Transport Fever 2

Back to the more pacifist examples of simulator video games, Transport Fever 2 is a title that invites players to control a transport company and shape the economy by establishing infrastructure throughout huge sandbox maps. The content of the game truly reflects the title as there are over 200 vehicles featured in Transport Fever 2. Player options are not limited to land transport like trains or trucks as the game also introduces a variety of airplanes and boats. Not only that, but Transport Fever 2 also includes vehicles from different historical epochs, like the Victorian era steamships or steam locomotives. Without a doubt Transport Fever 2 is among the best simulator games, especially for those who are interested in the history of transport.

Cities: Skylines

Do you ever miss old simulator video games like SimCity? If so, Cities: Skylines should definitely be on your radar. Developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive this is a modern iteration of the classic city simulation genre that puts the player in the role of a city mayor. The game provides an abundance of tools to shape, expand, and micromanage every aspect of a growing metropolis. Progress in City: Skylines is defined by population growth milestones, each of which brings about new challenges of city management. What makes Cities: Skylines one of the best simulator games of its kind is the fact that it features fully realized 3D environments and allows the player to inspect their city from nearly every angle – something that was actually impossible in older city simulator video games like SimCity.

PC Building Simulator

Just as the title of the game implies, PC Building Simulator focuses on fixing and assembling custom-made PC rigs, most of which are oriented at gaming. There are three game modes in total: Career mode has the player taking up various tasks from clients – troubleshooting, fixing, or building PCs that must meet specific technical characteristics without exceeding a certain budget. In Free Build mode players are not limited by finances and are free to assemble dream PCs from a large assortment of licensed computer components. What places PC Building Simulator among best simulator games is an elaborate Tutorial mode that can be easily applied for educational purposes.

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