There are a lot of games that managed to capture our imagination and lure us in to play the game. However, almost always it starts with a game trailer… This text will be all about these pieces of art that send shivers down our spines every time we watch them. Even if you don’t play certain games, our list is worthy of your attention. Who knows, maybe it will help you to speed up a slow afternoon or give you a fresh idea of what to play next.

However, ranking art is not our goal here. These are our favorite game trailers that were selected by our community of gamers and listed in no particular order. Grab a drink, take a bowl of your favorite snacks, and enjoy the show.

1. EVE Online – This is EVE trailer

In 2014, the developers behind EVE Online decided to refresh their old game trailer and took it in an unexpected direction. Instead of making a huge budget CG movie, they captured in-game footage and voice comms of actual players. The result is an amazing piece of work full of battle cries, cheers of victory, and emotion all around. You have to see it for yourself! However, be warned that this video contains some strong language…

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2. Dead Island 2 – E3 2014 trailer

“I’m da bomb and about to blow up!” – you won’t stop singing this after watching this amazing trailer for Dead Island 2. It was first shown in E3 2014 and managed not only to capture the essence of Dead Island 2 game but also to win a few awards on its own. This trailer even won a Golden Lion in Cannes (its predecessor Dead Island also won this award) showing that game trailers are an art form in itself.

However, it’s worth mentioning that even though Dead Island 2 game has an amazing trailer, the game is still not released… Still, there are a few old titles to help you wait.

3. Overwatch Animated Shorts

We know that some of you might call this cheating but it’s our article after all. Let’s call this 12 in 1 since it would be hard to select our favorite Overwatch animated short. Throughout the game’s history, Blizzard Cinematic Team released a lot of animated shorts – each with its own story to tell. Each short is unique and full of emotion that will bring tears to certain players’ eyes. The full run-time of these trailers makes up almost 2 full hours, and the quality of these shorts could be compared to any Disney or Pixar movie. See for yourself…

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4. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – E3 2011 Trailer

By default, all of the Assassin’s Creed series game trailers are awesome and full of details. However, we selected this one simply because of its numerous awards earned in 2011. 50-year Ezio showing off of his skills to the beat of Woodkid’s Iron. What’s not to love?

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5. Warriors (ft. Imagine Dragons) | Worlds 2014 – League of Legends

Speaking of music, we had to include at least one of many League of Legends music videos. The whole thing started as a marketing experiment for the biggest League of Legends competition – World Championship. Now, Riot Games release at least one of these each year in collaboration with various music groups and artists from around the world. From indie rock to K-POP, League of Legends trailers deserved to get a list of their own.

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6. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Reveal Trailer – E3 2015

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer is a prime example is how to sell a game via a short video. And an example of how to make enemies… While the trailer itself earned its spot on our TOP 10 best game trailers list simply due to an amazing mix of CG and gameplay, there’s one more detail you should know about it. After the release of the trailer, Ubisoft received a formal complaint from the Bolivian government about Ghost Recon Wildlands, taking issue with the way the country is depicted in the game.

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7. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

We can’t have the best trailer list without at least a couple of entries from Blizzard. Their cinematics team is still regarded as one of the best in the industry and for a good reason. Their talent to extract emotion from every frame and every sound byte is unmatched. For example, the current World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth features a few full-CG cinematics that makes up an entire arc of the game’s expansion story and we can bet that it will make some viewers cry even though they’re not fans of World of Warcraft. It seems like with each new piece of work World of Warcraft cinematics team are getting better at their job and that is why we included their latest creation – World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer. WoW indeed!

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8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Killing Monsters Cinematic Trailer

Let’s hop into another huge fantasy world created by CD Projekt Red based on a popular book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. All RPG fans know The Witcher series as one of the best games in the genre and trailers of these games are no exception. While we could show numerous videos from The Witcher’s YouTube channel we picked out the one where Geralt does a deadly dance and claims to be killing monsters. Who else in here thinks that these days game companies make better cinematic experiences than most filmmakers?

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9. Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Team series

Ok, time to include some old school gags. If you’re an old dog you might remember the legendary Team Fortress 2 game and its epic roster of characters. Valve did a pretty good job to create this awesome introductory series giving the spotlight to each character of the game. Meet the Team includes short class (and sandwich) introductions, give you some idea about the gameplay, and most importantly make you laugh. Psst… Meet the Spy is our favorite!

10. Halo Landfall

We wanted to include at least one live-action trailer into our list and selected Halo Landfall simply due to its original way of portraying the game. Halo Landfall was released in 2012 and directed by Neill Blomkamp – the guy behind District 9, Chappie, and Elysium movies. It’s 2020 already – where’s the full live-action Halo movie?

So what do you guys think about our list? What have we missed and what doesn’t deserve a spot in this TOP 10 best game trailers list? Be sure to leave us a comment on our social media and check out Eneba gaming deals for games featured in this article.