Just when you think that there’s nothing much left of the ‘zombie shooter’ genre and that such games as Left 4 Dead, Dying Light, Dead Island, or Killing Floor have already brought the best of this genre’s features into the daylight, few more competitors rise to set up new expectations. The fans are thrilled and based on the latest reveals, there’s a lot to be thrilled about.

To further elaborate, World War Z and Days Gone games are both launching this month, and it seems that both zombie-oriented games are keen to rise on the matter to which many have already been subdued. Today’s article is concentrated on Saber Interactive’s World War Z. What to expect? And what new gameplay elements the game intends to bring onto the market? Prepare as the World War Z game aims to present the zombie portrayal in an entirely different colour.

The World War Z co-op third-person zombie shooter game rolls with the World War Z license, which was constructed and first-depicted back in 2006 novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War and later, in 2013, was used in a movie with which the current game shares the same title. World War Z game is scheduled to release on 16 of April for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms, and you can buy the game’s pre-order on our Eneba store.

The upcoming zombie experience in World War Z features the timeline set a few months after the massive zombie outbreak. You’ll travel across three distinct locations, each offering different climate and different tasks to complete. There, and all throughout the game you’ll experience different people stories. The game is run on the Swarm Engine which adds an unquantifiable amount of intensity and thrill. You’ll also get to play as a bunch of unique characters and feel-out zombies in an entirely different manner. Want more on World War Z features? Continue down below!

1. Narrative

2. Environments

3. Weapons

4. Characters

5. Zombies


The very first must-discuss World War Z feature is, of course, the narrative. It’s a multiplayer co-op third-person shooter after all, so can we even expect a compelling narrative to complement the intense action sequences? Well, apparently, the developer has quite a logical approach on such game’s story’s intentions and while it’s certainly there, it’s not the focal point of the deal.

world war z

As previously mentioned, the game is based on the World War Z license, so the in-game story continues in the same universe as the novel and the movie. The developer explains that rather than having a single story, players will experience a bunch of separate, fragmented storylines instead. A co-op multiplayer game with robust dialogues usually doesn’t work out the way it was intended, so the episodic approach in World War Z game seems like a well thought through feature.

However, as stated before, the narrative isn’t the games primary focus, and thus, it’s told in a relatively simple manner. Each episode will tell a different story, and eventually, these stories are planned to intersect, but that’s left on the planning board for the post-launch content. As stated by Saber Interactive CEO Matt Karch, ‘’There certainly is a story component, but … the story is more of a motivation for getting to the shooting’’.


The second World War Z feature without which the game simply wouldn’t exist is its environments. At launch, you’ll travel to three distinct locations. Each of these contains unique missions, captivating challenges, and plenty of restless action all throughout. Each of the three locations has numerous convenient tactical shooting positions like rooftops and various platforms. You may also come across incredibly open spaces, close-quartered rooms, and entire mazes of incredibly narrow corridors.

world war z environment

The three World War Z locations that you’ll be able to visit right from the get-go are Moscow, New York, and Jerusalem cities. There you’ll find location-unique challenges and goals. For example, in Jerusalem, your military squad will have to rescue a known scientist, and then you’ll have to activate an unprecedented weapons system located on an abandoned base, while in Moscow you’ll basically have to traverse through the city and survive until you reach the armoured Kremlin bunker.


When the world is swarmed by death-seeking undead, is there a sweeter sound than that of a bullet? The third World War Z feature that you must give some consideration to is the weapons. Honestly, there’s a whole arsenal of them in the game, and you’ll be more than welcome to capitalize on each.

world war z weapons

This World War Z feature offers explosives, rifles, pistols, machineguns, railguns, turrets, grenade launchers and many other weapons of destruction, all for you and your team! And the best part is that all game’s classes are able to use all of the weapons found on the area (with the sole exclusion of the character-specific sets). Loot military boxes everywhere you go and start blasting!


So, by now, hopefully, you have gained a little more understanding about the awaiting story, environments, and weapons, but let’s not forget about one of the key World War Z features, and that’s the game’s characters! At launch, you’ll have a cast of 12 survivors who come from all sorts of backgrounds, and you’ll have an opportunity to choose and appoint them with one of the six highly customizable classes. Each of the following classes has tons of unique perks and traits as well as a distinctive and exceptional playstyle.

When it comes to World War Z featured character classes, there’s certainly a decision to be made. Each class can offer an impeccable use to the team’s well-being and have in mind, there are six classes, and the team setup only consists of four! A ton of interesting team compositions can be made here, which one will work the best? Will there be a certain meta? These and many other questions will be answered with the game’s launch, and for now, check out the classes!

The Gunslinger – This one is all about the heavy weapons and heavy damage. Ammo supplements and excellence in marksmanship makes this class a real mean zombie killing machine.

The Hellraiser – It’s all in the name with hellraiser class. Explosives, fire, hotness, and universal mayhem is the driving force behind this class. Crowd control with grenades and C4 bombs is the standard.

The Slasher – With Slasher class you’ll become a modern-day assassin/butcher. With increased melee weapon perks, you’ll chop zombie meat left and right, additionally, you’ll have a stunning taser!

The Medic – Call it a Medic, call it a cleric, call it whomever you want, the class allows you to wield a Stim Pistol like there’s no tomorrow, also the smoke bomb does help a ton when things get too rough.

The Fixer – Now the only thing that this class really fixes is the zombie deaths counter! Wield turrets and provide your teammates with all the ammo in the world. Consider the Fixer as your handyman of war.

The Exterminator – While the Hellraiser opens the gates of hell, the Exterminator rides the flames right through them! Claymore mines, Molotov cocktails, and perks for the hot stuff define this class.


And the last, but far from the least of the World War Z features are, of course, the zombies. And my god the zombies have changed! The same as in the movie, here, zombies are quick, agile, cooperative, and relentless. They’ll charge straight at you whenever they hear you make a sound! And that’s not even the worst thing about them…

world war z zombies

The worst (as in the scariest) thing about World War Z featured zombies is that they travel in swarms! For example, a single playground can fit up to a thousand of the undead dwellers! And truly, the sight is both magnificent and brutal. Zombies are driven by the developer created Swarm Engine, and not only is the engine capable to command legions of zombies at once, but it’s also responsible for extreme gore details and body dismemberment feature!

Lastly, World War Z game features different zombie classes! Some will be faster, others much tougher to take down, and yet others will explode upon their death, spreading toxic fumes in an area around them. These are just a few of zombie classes about which we know so far, and the developer has promised that much more is in the future! We, wholeheartedly, can barely wait for the game’s official launch, as the ‘zombie shooter’ genre looks to boom once again!