If you’re playing The Surge 2 and already managed to beat its contents, you’ll be pleased to know that the game developers already have a new challenge prepared. The Surge 2 received a new teaser trailer for its next DLC expansion called The Kraken which should be released on January 14th for Season Pass holders. The rest of the player base will have to wait until January 16th.

According to the description, The Kraken expansion will add hours of new narrative-driven content, a brand new storyline and a new location. The new story chapter will be set outside Jericho City, on the VBS Krakow. It’s a massive decommissioned aircraft carrier retrofitted as a retreat for the rich and famous. Sounds lovely!

The new location brings a lot of new enemies including new robots, old security systems and, of course, a boss called The Kraken. In addition, the new DLC will also bring tons of new items like weapons, implants, armor, and more – discover all these in the game world or try and craft them from the scrap gathered around the place.

From what we gather, the new DLC will bring hours of new content and will be worth checking out if you’re into that sort of stuff. For those who never tried The Surge or The Surge 2, we suggest checking it out. It’s an interesting mix of Fallout and Dark Souls set in a weird sci-fi world.