If you’re a fan of the original The Last of Us game, you might remember that that game featured a very interesting game mode which held its players supper accountable for every action they took. Grounded was a hardcore mode that tripled enemy damage, removed an option to listen, removed the HUD, and reduced the number of supplies you could find scattered across the world. So yeah… this mode is returning to the new game and bringing something extra – if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, there’s an option to switch on Permadeath.

Grounded mode comes with two Ultra Rare achievements – one is called Dig Two Graces – an achievement awarded for completing The Last of Us Part II story on Grounded. The second is called You Can’t Stop This, which will award players who complete the story with any Permadeath setting. This means that there will be certain options to tweak Permadeath, but c’mon… Either you in or you out! Permadeath is supposed to be permanent, so any option to make this easier is cheating, don’t you think?

We can imagine that The Last of Us Part II on Grounded will be a real treat and should make a lot of hardcore gamers super happy. On the other hand, we can’t say we’re super fascinated by the idea to play 20 hours on super high difficulty, then get jumped by some random AI thugs rendering all of our progress on the achievement useless.

In any case, it’s nice to see some new features being added to the game and we can’t wait to replay the story. For now, we don’t know when Naughty Dog plans to release these two new modes, but this shouldn’t take long. Most The Last of Us Part II and PlayStation fans are eagerly waiting for some news about the game’s multiplayer – rumors about this are spreading across the internet but for now there are no official news about it. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we’ll learn something.