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Phil Spencer confirmed Xbox E3 conference after Sony decided to skip

Phil Spencer promised that Xbox is working hard on their E3 show.

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Gaming events schedule for 2020

Did we miss an event? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know.

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Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter pre-beta is extended indefinitely

The mode received a bunch of new players and generally positive feedback.

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5 biggest news from Nintendo Direct for E3

Doug Bowser, the new president of Nintendo of America revealed a bunch of awesome games.

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5 biggest news from Square Enix E3 conference

Square Enix hosted its second-ever E3 press conference.

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5 biggest news from Ubisoft E3 conference

We missed Beyond Good & Evil 2 as well as something related to Sam Fisher...

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5 biggest news from Bethesda E3 conference

The 5th annual Bethesda E3 conference was full of already announced games and some brand new titles.

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5 biggest news of Xbox E3 briefing

The company has revealed over 60 titles on the stage alone.

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Watch Dogs Legion is officially confirmed

The leak was confirmed by the official Watch Dogs Twitter account.

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E3 2019 schedule - dates, times, and links

We've compiled an ultimate E3 list with all the dates, times, and links on where to watch it.

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Nioh 2 alpha announced with a new trailer

The alpha test will start on May 24th and will run until June 2nd.

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Skull & Bones release is delayed once again

The game won't be released at least until 2020.

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Netflix will attend E3 2019

This is not a drill!

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Dying Light 2 will be shown at E3 2019

The game was announced at E3 2018, and ever since then, there was no news regarding the game’s status.

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Bethesda is Heading to E3 2019, Official Showcase Date Announced!

Bethesda joins this year's E3: why you should be hyped.