Masahiro Ito is known in the game development circles as the guy who can make amazing art. He was an art director on both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 games as well as his latest venture – Metal Gear Survive creature designer. In other words  – he’s really good at making terrifying monsters. After some time in the shadows, he’s back at it again, sharing a hint about his next project via Twitter.

While Masahiro Ito didn’t reveal the details about his next venture, his message might be hinting at a new Silent Hill game. The part about the hope that “the title won’t be canceled” could be an allusion to 2015s Silent Hill cancelation by Konami after a major shitstorm with Hideo Kojima. After this, Masahiro Ito left the company and started working as a freelance artist.

However, all the above was almost 4 years ago so Masahiro Ito and Konami had plenty of time to make amends. Konami still holds the rights to the Silent Hill series, so it wouldn’t be very surprising. Original games were praised for their art direction so inviting the original art director to work on a new entry seems legit. We’ll have to wait and see.