The hype train continues to choo-choo onwards, and we are back with more news about the newest FromSoftware project, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The game is scheduled to release on March 22. So for now, all we can do is wait and gather as much intel as possible to prepare for the upcoming release! The game is already available as a pre-order on our Eneba store.

The focus of this particular article is on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice bosses, those that have already been featured on the game’s trailers. Bosses were always one of the key elements in FromSoftware’s games, and it looks like Sekiro is bringing this aspect one step further. We’ll also continue our approach on the combat mechanics and the exceptional attention to some key elements that you’ll have to consider whilst in the midst of a duel.

Featured bosses

Up until this very moment FromSoftware has revealed five terrifying bosses that soon enough we’ll be able to take on ourselves. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice bosses don’t look like something to joke around. Each more terrifying than the last, each with a unique set of skills and tricks, each ready to chop, slice, dice, and mash you into the nether realm and beyond. Here are the featured five that all of us should be aware of.

Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa

Mr Oniwa rides to the arena on a sturdy horse. A fairly large horse for that matter. Both your nemesis and his horse are armoured up until their tippy-toes. No doubt there’s a challenge awaiting with this one. Putting the armour part aside, Oniwa also carries a massive cleaver, and we are more than sure that he’s capable of wielding it right.

Check the video trailer below:

Lady Butterfly

The second highlighted boss seems to be an elderly woman, she has a set of sheers in her disposal. You shouldn’t be deceived by her fragile appearance, based on the video piece that we are presented with, the woman is fast, agile, and super deviant. The setting of burning and collapsing building only adds up to the whole atmosphere. if we assume that we know FromSoftware at least a little, the flaming façade has more to it than just captivating visuals.

Check her highlight below:

General Tenzen Yamauchi of the Ashina Clan

Fighting against a general… sounds like a challenge? What if the said general is twice your size and wields a two-handed katana twice the length of your sword? You’ll only be able to answer this once the game officially releases. For now, we can only re-repeat the video and awe with wonder. Yamauchi looks to be a brute, yet agile shinobi able to strike fear upon even the most skilled players.

Click on the feature video below to see the general in action:

Corrupted Monk

This is yet another extensively impressive Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice boss, however, this one somehow looks a bit less frightful as we’ve already seen it defeated on the featured demo speed run. Even if that’s the case, don’t be fooled as the Corrupted Monk has more than a few tricks prepared for you. Her black fog form, wild movement patterns, and three-phase survivalist nature are sure to surprise you plenty!

Check how gracefully she presents herself:

The Chained Ogre

Some of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice bosses may talk to you, some may growl, and some might just rush straight at you with all the world’s rage. The Chained Ogre comes as the latter variant. Prepare to face brute strength, sheer rage, and immense size. As is shown in the video piece, the protagonist didn’t expect such a straightforward approach and paid dearly for it. Whatever the case, you can only learn from mistakes, and The Chained Ogre looks like a great teacher.

Check this monster in action down below:

Boss combat and other subtilities

We have gone through the five featured Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice bosses and from what we can see, FromSoftware is about to deliver one more legendary journey for all of us to experience! The difficulty of this game is expected to go beyond anything we’ve witnessed before. This assumption is made based on the response that the From Software community manager Yasuhiro Kitao made.

Prepare for even more challenge

Basically, the open-ended character progression was the main limiting factor when it comes to more challenging bosses. In Dark Souls, or Bloodborne games the team had to balance the bosses so they could eventually be defeated with any of the potential character possibilities. Now, this is out of the question, as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice presents a fixed protagonist, with but a few playstyle options. Such change has allowed the game developers to capitalize on the particular abilities that Sekiro CAN use during the boss battle, not what he potentially could use.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice bosses will have multiple health bars and dynamic lives. This means that once you’ve successfully taken down your foe it’s far from the end. On the contrary, the boss might return faster, stronger, equipped with new movements, and a lot more. Fans of FromSoftware games would also be correct to assume that some of the bosses will do everything in their power to walk out victorious, that, of course, includes sleazy tricks and devious cheats. Expect the unexpected!

The fact that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice bosses will be of deviant nature shouldn’t surprise. However, there’s one particular detail that should. Sekiro has a grappling hook and a dedicated jump button. Most of the so far seen setting features some sort of vertical terrain, and the exact same applies to boss battles. You’ll be able to manoeuvre your way in-and-out of the battle using these dedicated tools, however, some of the bosses will be able to do precisely the same!

As FromSoftware director, Hidetaka Miyazaki has indicated in an interview with Game Informer. ‘’Previously, you would have just had to run around a huge boss’ feet and hack away at his ankles, but now you have all these movement options; you can both fully use the extent of that arena.’’

Of course, that doesn’t mean that each endearing encounter will jump around as the disciple of spider-man – some will be huge, and others won’t allow you to use your traversal mechanics at all!

You can only be sure of one thing: each of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice bosses, that you are destined to face, has a weakness! And most of these weaknesses can be found while exploring the in-game map. That is if the player himself chooses to look for them.