There were a lot of rumors about the sequel to the popular PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn. While the developers at Guerrilla Games haven’t said much about the future of the game since the release of Frozen Wilds DLC back in 2017, fans of the game are still hoping to hear something substantial. A lot of new job postings on Guerrilla Games website might be the substance we all were looking for.

According to the site, the team is currently looking for a lot of new team members for various development roles. The list includes Cinematic Animator positions, jobs for programmers and even a spot for Technical Vegetation Artist, which is the key indication about the possible Horizon Zero Dawn sequel.

Players of Horizon Zero Dawn know that vegetation was a huge part of the first game which enabled stealth and various different combat options. The job posting also opens up with this paragraph:

“Within Guerrilla, we have four teams dedicated to creating the stunning environments of Horizon. One team focuses on the creation of lush and stunning vegetation. We build these 3D models from scratch, so our world dressing teams can deliver our immersive world with industry-benchmark graphics.”

So, yeah… After 2 years of silence Guerrilla Games’ job posting with Horizon mentioned in the opening sentence doesn’t reveal anything, right? Having in mind the fact that Sony recently confirmed PlayStation 5 with the release coming sometime next year, it’s entirely possible that Horizon Zero Dawn’s sequel could be one of the launch titles for the new console.